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Win a Registration to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2010!

 —  February 26, 2009 — 239 Comments

Missing the National Youth Ministry Conference this year? Never fear – you can win a registration to next year’s newly-renamed event right here on More Than Dodgeball. Announcing the Simply Youth Ministry Conference to be held next year in Chicago. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and you’re entered to win. I’ll pick one at random Tuesday or so. Enter now!


Josh Griffin


239 responses to Win a Registration to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2010!

  1. If you are picking a random commnet as a winner… How ’bout this one: GREEN BEANS

  2. I like the name change – makes it easier to tell from other conferences out there, and it’s how we all think of it anyway!

  3. Chicago…well as a Michigan fan, this a great step in the right direction from Columbus.

  4. Awesome! I found about this too late in the game to attend this year. I am a 35 year old senior pastor going BACK into youth ministry because that is where real life change and world impact can happen best! So…


  5. I am at the NYMC and all about the name change. I am a Michigan fan from South Carolina, so i am all for leaving the state of Ohio, but would prefer a move to the south.

  6. hey, i’m just excited that your bringing it to chi-town. thats only a couple hours away!!!

  7. If you’re giving away free stuff I’m all about that!

    Hope this years conference went well!

  8. Awesome, love the heart of this conference. Really excited to hear it will be in Chicago, hopefully easier to get to when coming all the way from the UK. Would love a free registration.

  9. Good to see other Michigan fans on here.

  10. How random is random? Fish bowl pick? If it goes by coolness you got to love people who minister in Michigan –> Battle Creek here. You got to love a person who lives right by Post Cereal Factory especially when they are making Fruity Pebbles.

  11. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Please, Please, Please, Please, Pretty Pretty Please!!!

  12. Please…Please…Please…Pick Me…Pick Me!

  13. I heard free and every youth minister loves free!

  14. Random Begging.

  15. Please pick me me.

  16. Chicago is a very close drive for me – I’m another random person – Thx for doing this Josh.

  17. Come On…Come On…Come On…Come On…Come On…Come On…

  18. that would be awesome! Pick me!

  19. William T. Jacques February 27, 2009 at 6:29 am

    I think I’d be a good person to be picked as your random winner. Go ahead Josh, pick me…..please.

  20. Random is my middle name….

  21. Chicago… That sounds Awesome! With the savings of free admission I can stay in the RITZY Red Roof Inn!

  22. Chicago?! It would take me home! Please pick me?!

  23. Yes, please! Sad I am not at this year’s!

  24. Did someone say free SYM conference? Count me in.

  25. mmmmmm free youth min, conference *drooling*

  26. Todd Fife (a.k.a. @Random) February 27, 2009 at 6:49 am

    This would be great and highly appreciated. Thanks!

  27. Chicago will be a great location! I want to go!

  28. I agree with the location, Chicago will be amazing.

  29. Entered I am.

  30. Word to your mom

  31. You hook me up with free conference, I hook you up with free shirts from our youth ministry!

  32. Large Chicago Style Pizza: $12

    Cubs Tickets: $30

    Gas at Current Rate Driving From Louisville, KY to Chicago, IL: $80

    Chance to hang out with Josh Griffin and attend the National Youth Ministry Conference: “Priceless”

  33. I’d love to attend the conference where my former youth pastor is teaching.

  34. Chicago pizza is on me

  35. Sign me up for the SYMC Stimulus Package!

  36. One free attender would be a great incentive to get the church to send more of my volunteers! WooHoo!

  37. That’s awesome Josh… Pick me, Pick me!!!

  38. 42 is a good number to pick to win…just saying…i would like to be there this year

  39. Steve Hommerding February 27, 2009 at 7:52 am

    Couldn’t make it this year, would love to make plans for 2010 in Chicago!

  40. If you pick me, I’ll give you one of our student ministry t-shirts.

  41. I sure hope I get picked. That would be the coolest!!!


  43. Sweet. Love the name change btw. Chicago sounds cool. Chicago in Feb sounds really coooool. How about phoenix in 2011?

  44. I will top that…
    If you pick me, I will give you one of my very wonderful but annoying volunteer leaders wearing our student ministriy t shirts.
    PS i am NOT from michigan, like so many others.. does that help???

  45. …comment, comment, comment, comment…

  46. A free entry would be nice since I use all my continuing ed for school anyways, and it wouldn’t be enough to pay for the conference by itself….small town guy! please josh please!

  47. I am very good at being random! My kids often accuse me of having ADD. Pick me, pick me, pick me and I will bring you coffee :)

  48. I would love to go to the National Yout….wait….Simply Youth Ministry Conference!

  49. So I was planning on going this year then stuff fell through, which really stinks cause I am only about an hour from the conference this year. But I’m all about free, especially since I just had to make some budget cuts to finish off this year….
    Can’t wait to hear more about this years though.

  50. Chicago is so far from PHX, but with the right donkey to ride, Funyons and a li’l love from Griff…I’ll be there!!!

  51. Pick me

  52. I’m sad that you all won’t be around campus this weekend but I’m so excited that you are spreading the work that God has used you for to other youth leaders nation-wide! God Bless!

  53. Chicago!? I am waiting for the day when you do one in Seattle. No, looking forward to the day. To say I’m waiting is to imply that I wouldn’t want the registration, which I would, if I win. Attending this conference would be a great change from my normal winter fare. Thanks for the opportunity. I’m tired. It’s Friday, and I’m glad for something fun to think about. Have a great weekend.

  54. Wishing I could be there this year!! Love to see all of you next year!! Go Buckeyes!!!

  55. sweet! less of a drive is always a good thing!

    See you there!

  56. I have never been before… to this conference or any other conference… so I hope I win!

  57. If you pick me, I’ll send you a shirt, send you an outback steakhouse certificate, and wear your morethandodgeball tee-shirt for a week straight. I’m coming next year and I’d love for my new wife to be to come too.

  58. There can be only one.

  59. would love to go….hook me up!

  60. Hi, well I would love to go to a conference for Youth Leaders. I got into Youth Ministry 15 months ago as a volunteer and now I am in charge. I served in Iraq and Kuwait while I was in the Air Force as a firefighter. Now I am going to college and I work at Home Depot. The church I go to is in an economically disadvantaged side of San Antonio and most of the people that go to my church live off of low income. When I first started I had 4 kids coming to class and now I have 25 on a good night. I started doing allot of evangelism to our neighborhood, especially the low income apartments next to our church. Now I have about 6 kids from those apartments come by themselves, with no parents, but because they love Jesus and want to make a difference in their community, which is infected with gang violence and drugs.
    Thank you, I hope I get picked!!!
    Take care and God Bless,


  61. Some of my favorite things free and Chicago. I’m going to lay on my computer and pray that I’m the winner.

  62. I guess I can deal with going for a few days

  63. I guess I can deal with going for a few days.

  64. Would love to visit chicago next year, expecially if it means hanging out with thousands of great youth leaders!

  65. It would be great to be refreshed after a long year! Unfortunately I cannot go this year due to a cutback on budget and finances, but would love the opportunity to be able to attend.
    Thanks for doing this and thanks for the opportunity!

  66. I would LOVE to go…. is this the alternative to casting lots?

  67. You will pick my comment… You will pick my comment…
    (Although it will be oblivious to you, but obvious to everyone else watching this movie, I am using the force to persuade you to pick me.)

  68. So is it wrong that I am excited about the conference, but just as excited about the possibility of getting some CHICAGO PIZZA??

  69. OOOOH pick me…. I’m so missing it this year…

  70. Pick me because… you like me.

  71. Throw my name in the hat!
    Thanks! I’m feeling pretty good about this one. (do you accept bribes?)

  72. Awesome. I would love to go. Thanks for the opportunity. The need is greater than ever before that we reach students for the name of Christ.

  73. Did someone say FREE Youth Ministry Conference? Pick this guy!

  74. Sounds simple to me.

  75. i love free stuff. if you’re giving away a more than dodgeball shirt too, im a 3XL.

  76. The person who says, “I never win anything!” always wins so here goes:

    I never win anything!

  77. Somebody wrote “I Never Win Anything” so they could win? What if someone else writes it?

    I never win anything…in fact….I lose everything, even things that are not a contest!

    You sir have been one-upped.

  78. Woohoo, here’s my comment :-)

  79. that would be great, simply youth ministry, chy-town, giovannis, what could be better.

  80. Ohh! Ohh! Pick me…pick me!!!

  81. choose at random the Name Steven Moore from good ole TN

  82. Wow… Help me to expose the ministry to my asian church

  83. Hey Joshua, guess what, my name is Joshua also! Sounds like a great pick to me!

  84. Hook me up! Chicago is sounding A-MAZING. Count me in! Throw some Giordano’s Chicago-style deep dish pizza towards the podcast crew and you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to have it there!

  85. The best price ever is free ninety nine?!?

  86. I heart Josh Griffin

  87. Chicago cool! I have never been there!

  88. Wish I was at conference this year. Like the change of venue makes flying for ireland alot more possible!

  89. Here’s a comment. I’m leaving it here. Right here. If you need a comment, you can totally pick it. I’d be fine with that.

  90. theforce.net RULES!!!!!! Does that help my chances???????

  91. pick me!!!!!


  93. Please pick me as I pick my nose and share it with this dudes backpack

  94. i’ll pay to be there any way, but wouldn’t mind if you foot the bill

  95. Hey Josh! Enter me in the totally, random (wink, wink….pick me and I’ll give you a free ipod) drawing.

  96. Pick Me, Pick Me… how I would love to get back to my old stomping grounds!

  97. Just how random will you be picking this winner? Should I write something long as to be noticed, or just keep this short?

  98. or should I enter 1001 times….the winning strategy AAAAAHHHHH what could it be???????????

  99. I would love to suprise my husband with this!

  100. I’ve always wanted to come and hang with you guys! I hope that it happens! ;)

  101. Come on… from one Josh to another… hook a brother up.

  102. simply canadian youth minitsry

  103. Pick me I’m a pastor’s wife!

  104. I will probably be there anyhow but would love to win the registration. :)
    P.S. Thanks again for your help.

  105. I will totally be there, but how awesome would it be to give a free ticket away to one of my leaders.

  106. Wait my email changed. 119 Ken

  107. I would love to get to come to your conference, I have been begging my church but to no avail. I would love to get that opportunity!!!

  108. pick me now!!! do it!! do it!!! BOOYAAA!!!

  109. Booyaa! I NEED to go to next year’s conference :)

  110. Chi-Town! I love Chi-town! That would be A-Mazing!

  111. I defer to your picking authority.

  112. What can a guy say to set himself apart among so many comments? I guess my only hope is a bribe.

    Free meal at the restaurant of your choice on me. :)

  113. Man I really want to go
    Overly excited so pick me bro
    Rawk fist is what I would throw up
    Everyone’s going to be a sad pup

    Troy is my name
    Happy is my game
    Andy sold out to go fishing
    No McGill is what I would be wishing

    Doug Fields and me would be sipping
    Overjoyed because I would be kicking
    Don’t hurt your eyes
    Grant me my prize
    Everyone’s going to be mad
    Better pick me or I’ll be sad
    Lots of
    Love I would be giving …to morethandogeball.com

  114. I love anything free. :)

  115. It would be incredible to have a free ticket to the conference for next year….ME PLEASE !!!!! :)

  116. I’d love to be at the SYM Conference. I’ll let you slap me for announcements!!!

  117. DUDE, I like the name!!!
    Can’t wait to go on u guys next year!

  118. If its free its for me!

  119. Will you help with air fare as well!!!! Count me as present. Dave

  120. You be the bomb diggedy yo!!

  121. oh oh oh (dislocates arm by putting it so high in the air) me me me!!!!

  122. PICK ME!!! Not only do I love the conference, I love Gino’s East Pizza. I’ll buy yours…

  123. If I’m picked I’ll wear morethandodgeball.com gear the entire time and I’ll buy you 2 dinners at Outback… Think about it, not one, but two dinners at Outback… mmm, Outback… Twice!

  124. I want to go to Chicago so bad!!!!!!! I’ve never had the chance to attend a conference yet :(

  125. I attended last year as an intern youth pastor. Now I am officially a yourh pastor and I couldn’t afford to come this year. I want to go so bad next year I’LL TATTOO THE MORE THAN DODGEBALL LOG ON MY BODY SOMEWHERE!!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


  126. Hey we loved the conference last year and sorry to miss it his year. Hope to be there next year.

  127. umm yeah! I’ll bribe you. Pick me and I’ll buy you a Pastrami Burger from The Hat!

  128. I’m in for it!!

  129. All this bribery… sad. I’m just going to enter my name in the drawing. As much as I would like to win a free registration, I am not going to bribe or win you with a sob story.

    I’m not beyond flattery though. You guys are awesome and your advice on the podcast has gotten me through some pretty hard times at my last church. Keep doing what you do!!

  130. Honestly… this is a pretty sad attempt to boost your comment count!!!! Oh well….. I don’t mind being a pawn…. a Jesus loving, servant hearted, Christ-like pawn that is!!


  131. Kansas. How much more random does it get?

  132. Chicago! I want to be there.
    Any chance it will be pushed back a bit to coincide with the begin of baseball season? Go Cubs!

  133. I would love to go to Chicago next year!!!!!

  134. please …

  135. pick #155 checking in

  136. family excluded? :)

  137. I wanna go! Pick me!

  138. Dude! Pick me like you pick your nose when you’re driving in the car and no one is looking! Until the person driving next to you honks when you’re about to go in for the kill and you look over and realize it’s your boss’s son and he’s been watching you at the stop light the whole time!

    Not that that happened to me….

  139. Josh [breath, breath] I am your FAAAAA-THER

  140. I just got home from a trip to Chicago like 30 minutes ago! I want to go to there!

  141. I would really LOVE to come next year! I am here at the NYMC this year and it is AWESOME! I want to return next year! I am new in youth ministry and this has helped SO much! Thank you all! Okay, so I guess I should do my plea now — pick me PLEASE! If you can’t tell I am all about the capital letters!

  142. pick a canadian

  143. I did not win American Idol with Garth but maybe a chance to win to try again next year.

  144. I am always in for free stuff-especially to this!

  145. I laughed my socks off tonight during the live taping of the podcast. I am spreading the word about my experiences via wordpress. Wanna know what my experience has been like at NYMC? visit my blog site @ http://www.columbus09.wordpress.com ~God Bless you all.

  146. pick me
    I wanna dive on sack chairs with ya!

  147. pickmeplease!

    Joe Gormong
    Faith Wesleyan Church
    Terre Haute, Indiana

  148. My husband has been to your conference before and unfortunately we weren’t able to make it this year. I am sure if I won the ticket he would be “forced” to go too. I would love to meet with the ladies off of “Married to a youth pastor” next year. Happy picking!

  149. I am a hurting youth worker. I need this. so pick me and a tshirt my find its way to you.

  150. Hey! We are doing youthministry in LATVIA! Check out where it is and also out web! If I will win conference – i am ready to work hats to get there! and morethandodgeball also as podcast helps me and out ministry to run things different than it was before! thanks guys!
    blessings! marcis

  151. Just choose me and say that it was random. I won’t tell anyone…

  152. 173 comments so far???
    mygoodness! ill let ya shoot me with a paintball gun if thats what it takes!

  153. Thanks Tony Spranger for telling me about this…had a blast at our Sr. High Retreat doing ministry together this weekend instead of hanging at NYWC…kinda feel like Josh does now and not McGill.
    Glad to see you come to Chicago next year and I will bring a team out there!

  154. Jonathan Couch March 1, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (by the way, sym podcast rules and josh is the most outstanding member by far!)

  155. I could really use a free trip to a youth conference. It’s hard for me to say that since as a Cardinals fan i will be going into the den of the devil. at least it woun’t be baseball season though.

  156. I would loooove to go to this next year! Rock on more than dodgeball!

  157. Never been to a Youth Worker Conference of any sort… would be glad for your help to make this my first. :)

  158. Would love to go.

    Kenedy, TX

  159. This is a great idea. Chicago i so close to me it’d be a shame for me to not be able to go. ;)

  160. Da Bulls, Da Bears, Josh Griffin

  161. offering free hugs to everyone i meet at the convention if i’m somehow selected to go.

  162. This is the only way I could go

  163. This is the only way I could go

  164. Pick me! I would love to go to this conference next year.

  165. Hey bud, great job at the conferencet this year.
    – Mike Hammer

  166. Maybe I’ll win and Maybe I wont!

  167. Man, I would love to win it!

  168. I hope I’m not to late. Pick me!

  169. If it is free it is good! (most of the time!)

  170. I will jump on the bandwagon…

  171. I have a special dodge ball for you if I am selected.


  172. Hoping to have the opportunity to hang with you all in Chicago at the most practical conference on youth ministry!

  173. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pick me!! pick me!
    GO BEARS!!

  174. ooh! ooh!
    me me
    me me meme
    me me me

  175. who has two thumbs and loves free stuff?

    this guy.

  176. made my first nymc this year and loved it. hope to make the first symc next year!

  177. Wow. That’s a lot of comments. We’re a bunch of free-loaders.

  178. Imagine me on the side of the road looking lost holding this sign:
    Working Youth Minister:
    Will comment for free confrence.

  179. I’ve been a youth minister for 7 years. I’ve never been to a youth conference before, but I’d love to see how it could help me better minister to young people. Here’s my entry!

  180. I’m an 18 year old student leader…so energized about the youth of this generation!! a youth conference next year would be a wicked step in the right direction….I’d be 19 and ready to go into College or the Master’s program i’m heading for…so; please, please, please!!

  181. I’d love to go, but if I win, please give it to Noah from San Antonio. Don’t get me wrong, I like free stuff, but he deserves it more than I do. Caught the live stream Sunday night – awesome idea!

  182. hey, loved this years conference, cant wait til next years. it totally renewed my passion for the ministry and the call God has placed on my life to be in youth ministry. Thanks to you and all the others that helped put this on!!


    p.s. maybe next year i can stay in a HOTEL HOTEL!!

  183. I can’t believe I won.

    that’s my attempting to fulfill a self fulfilling prophecy

  184. You can’t spell Raymond without Random… Send me to Chicago in ’10.

  185. Whether or not I win a registration, that’s ok. I just love hanging out at morethandodgeball.com to get inspired, practical helps, and a load of fun too! Thanks Mr. Griffin!

  186. Pick me….oh please pick me. Had an outstanding time this past weekend and need more.

  187. So I was watching the sunday night session of NYMC online and while Doug was talking about the quarter, I stuck mine up my nose lol. Ok so yeah I used the same thing to enter to win the shirt, but I’m from ohio, and the conference moving to chicago will make it even harder for me to get there, and my Pastor is a heat Nazi (like the soup Nazi from seinfeld) and keeps the heat super low so I need to get away for a weekend to a Hotel Hotel oh so sweet… lol

  188. If it’s anything like this year’s conference, I’ll be there! Plus, it’s in Chicago! Might have to sneak into Wrigley Field.

  189. In my best Horshack voice…oh, oh, oh…pick me Mr. Griffin

  190. It would be great to see you guys in action. I was almost in tears watching it on the webcast last sunday night. Can’t wait till pdym.

  191. Here is my comment…this was the greatest post ever in the history of mankind.

  192. this is me leaving a comment. still would have loved a sack chair though…guess I will have to buy them…lol

  193. Jake is funnier than Fields.

    “more worship in my heart than Michael W. Smith”

    I am still laughing about that three years later.

  194. I’m going to save you the flattery because you said you’re picking at random.

    But please oh please pick me

    -David Stippick

  195. #221’s the charm!

  196. I’ll do the truffel shuffel (goonies) for 2 tix to #SYMC!!

  197. Joe Donaldson March 3, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    I’ll be the number two guy here in six weeks. How? Name repetition, personality mirroring and never breaking off a handshake. I’m always thinking one step ahead. Like a… carpenter… that makes stairs.

  198. joe donaldson is a funny guy that watches the office.

  199. If it’s not too late, count me in. If it is too late, redo.

  200. so it’s still technically Tuesday…

  201. Daniel Brooks March 4, 2009 at 7:03 am

    Jedi Mind Trick: You want to pick me.

  202. Oooo-Ooooo pick me!!!

  203. Just picked the winner! It’ll be posted later today (I don’t want to bump the “welcome to MTDB” down just yet. Thanks for entering! JG

  204. My sack chair has taken over my living room.

  205. Because I can- the name says it all.

  206. Please pick me! Please pick me! I never win anything. I have always dreamed of February in Chicago. The wind! The snow! The bone chilling cold! I really want to go!

  207. I dreamed about the conference last night! Only the SYMC happened at a drag strip in Norwalk, OH. Seriously, it was the best dream I’ve ever had! Youth ministry AND drag racing! Sign me up!

  208. I would love to go in 2010!!!

  209. I am sure glad this is random, otherwise I would have to write something smart!

  210. Just played our annual FEAR FACTOR last night. Oh the things you can get kids to do and eat to win a $5 t-shirt.

  211. HAhahah… awesome! JG

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