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GIVEAWAY: Magnum Clock for Your Youth Room

 —  September 13, 2011 — 320 Comments

For summer camp this year we ordered a Magnum Clock and loved it. It is great! We used a Magnum Clock at our High School Summer Camp this year and after camp we decided to make it a permanent addition to our student building. I asked them for one to giveaway here on More Than Dodgeball and they said yes! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you’re entered in the giveaway – I’ll pick the winner at random next Monday morning. It might go great in your youth room, in your office … or my personal favorite: in the main worship venue, so your senior pastor can see how long his/her sermon is going. Hahah! Enter now!


Josh Griffin


320 responses to GIVEAWAY: Magnum Clock for Your Youth Room

  1. Count me in. I am now on the clock!

  2. Sweet… a big clock


  4. My students would be very thankful for this! Does it come with an alarm that says, “Shut up now, you’re done,”

  5. Wow! This would be an awesome replacement for the clock one of the trustees broke in our youth room! Yes, trustees broke the clock in the youth room. I guess it was Bizarro night!

  6. Love to have the Magnum P.I. Clock

  7. This would be helpful for me in our youth room. Our current clock is in a dark corner so I can barely see it at all.

  8. A clock?! A big clock?! Yes, please!

  9. We would love a new clock! :)

  10. Yep, we need a clock.

  11. A new clock would be great. We always start and end late. We would love it.

  12. Would make a great addition to our youth room

  13. Don’t get me wrong, the magnum clock looks very sweet! But…can I be awarded the dollar in the picture? Thanks for all you do! Peace!

  14. I would love to be able to track the senior pastor’s sermons! Haha!

  15. I would love this in our youth house

  16. this would be awesome. i want one.

  17. Michael Benevides September 13, 2011 at 5:48 am

    I was just sayin the other day man we need a giant oversized clock for our students room and Bam here it is.

  18. does it do any tricks? jk.


  19. Sweet clock!!

  20. this is awesome! I have been looking for one of these to use at church. thanks for sharing and thanks for the giveaway

  21. That would look good in our High School room, also help me keep good time during our Bible study..lol

  22. YES! Finally a clock that i don’t have to squint at for 10 minutes just to read it.

  23. Yes please! I don’t wear my glasses as much as I should, so I find myself squinting at the tiny clock in the back of our room.

  24. Looking to replace our old LCD clock system… broken, unreliable, terribly hard to change come daylight savings time.

  25. Matt Higginbotham September 13, 2011 at 6:02 am

    This is slightly larger than our current youth room clock…an LED display on the coffee maker!

  26. I’d love one!

  27. Oh the controversy of bringing a clock into worship space! I’m a rebel like that!

  28. Time after time…

  29. Gotta love potential free stuff.

  30. This would definitely be useful in our student center!

  31. Comment

  32. I will take it!

  33. Never hurts to know how long you’ve got. Now I won’t have to rely on the number of yawns I can count in 30 seconds.

  34. wait…what time is it?

  35. Yeah, I’ll take a giant clock. What all does it do?

  36. I love how you continue to bless and equip others!

  37. I replaced the batteries in our clock a couple of weeks ago because it was giving me the wrong time. The following Sunday I was working my way through my lesson and I noticed on the clock that I had at least 20 minutes left…which surprised me…I don’t usually have time to get that far in my lessons (my students accuse me of being long winded…I don’t know why). So with 20 minutes left I broke into my next point. A few minutes later I happen to notice my watch. My watch clearly informed me that the problem with our present clock had nothing to do with the batteries. It had “timed out” in it’s life span. It showed that the class should be over and the second service would start in about 90 seconds. It then became very challenging to summarize the rest of my thoughts quickly, pray and dismiss. So as you can see…with all I have to say…I need the time! :)

  38. Pick me! My wrist watch broke and I’ve been overtime the last 2 weeks during the message! #fail

  39. Sweet!

  40. sounds like fun!

  41. Anything to help keep rabbit trails on a leash!

  42. This clock doesn’t do a countdown setting that I will have to reset every 88 minutes does it?

  43. I am definitely interested, but what is so special about it? isn’t it just a big digital clock?

  44. I could SO use this! I hope I win!

  45. Sweet! Now my teens won’t have to tap their watches or set alarms on their cell phones to let me know I’ve talked too long

  46. Sounds fantastic! I’d love one!

  47. I’d like one, please!

  48. look a clock. I always wonder what time it is.

  49. Yes! I could get rid of the “times up” light!

  50. Yeah I hope to win…

  51. I can’t think of anything funny to say.

  52. A Magnum Clock would go great in our Youth Center!

  53. My small group leaders have offered me a nice gift if I can actually stop talking soon enough to actually give them small group time… I think I might need this clock.

  54. Yeah buddy!

  55. I need one!

  56. Wow! What a great idea! I love the look! This would look really great in our (first-ever!) brand new youth space!

  57. Hey kids! What time is it?

  58. Hook me up!!

  59. bigger is better!

  60. Yes, please

  61. this would be fantastic in our main worship venue

  62. Sweet! I can’t wait to see how this clock will change our youth center atmosphere! Thanks Josh

  63. I enjoy clocks and things of that nature.

  64. This looks sweet!

  65. Magnum clocks impact lives of middle schoolers. It’s a well known fact.

  66. I was just thinking about how we need this for our youth room. i hope I win!

  67. Our youth needs this!

  68. Would love this! There’s not a clock in our youth room currently and it would help us manage our time better!

  69. Josh! I love you! Whether you give me the clock or not I love you! :)

  70. I’m getting old (almost 29) and losing my sight! I need help! Haha

  71. Comment …

  72. I so need that.

  73. Consider me entered.

  74. I want to be on the clock. So count me in

  75. I need that clock….!

  76. Time is of the essence! Yes.

  77. That clock is Awesomesauce!

  78. I’m in

  79. Could definately use a Magnum Clock for our Youth Center!

  80. Who doesn’t want a giant clock!!!!

  81. This would be great in our youth area!

  82. We need one!

  83. Cue the 24 tic-toc intro…. now.

  84. Is it weird that I heard “Magnum Clock” and just started thinking of Dirty Harry quotes?

  85. It would be hard to lose track of time with that thing!

  86. Don’t about killing sacred cows…I’m doing away with that “out of date” clock that I have to wind up every sunday and replacing it with this magnum. The Seniors can’t complain, I’ll just stay its making it easier for them to see.

  87. Would love it!

  88. I always love free!

  89. Makes me think of DC Talk…time is tick tick ticking away.

  90. Love it, no more asking how much time do I have left.

  91. I’m In!! Since I do MS and HS back to back…. I need a clock that works!!

  92. Hi. I’m Tim and I’m a Senior Pastor who struggles with going over time…

  93. This is great! I almost bought one the other day but the price was a little much for my budget! We have been searching for a nice size digital clock!

  94. I’ve got the perfect place for this!

  95. Sweet I already have a spot ready for it.

  96. Haha. Our main worship area clock just broke. Finally a gift we can give to the trustees that they will enjoy :-p.

  97. Looks like a useful clock. I wouldn’t mind winning it. Probably use it the same way.

  98. Having this clock in the bedroom would help with seeing what time it was without my glasses, and it would be a pretty good reminder to my wife how much time she had left before we really, really need to leave for church. It’s safe to say that, because she doesn’t read this blog.

  99. Actually having a clock in the youth room….how does it sustain impacts from random flying objects

  100. I bought one of these at my last church and loved it. I definately need one for my new church. JG hook a brotha up!

  101. Crossing my fingers!

  102. Am I late for getting in the giveaway? If I win, I’m gonna make a giant wristwatch out of it!

  103. My youth room could use this, we have no clocks anywhere in the church. OR for Our theme party around halloween time, I could be a “modern gangster” with it dangling around my neck on a gold chain.

  104. That’s fantabulous!

  105. Our youth room desperately needs a CLOCK. A MAGNUM CLOCK would be AWE. SOME!

  106. our clock has been stuck at 9:33 in our youth room for a few months now!

  107. THIS… WOULD … BE… AWESOME… TO… HAVE… IN… OUR… YOUTH… ROOM…! If I don’t win it, where can I get one?

  108. Cell phones are turned off in our youth room, so I am always asking about the time. This would help greatly!

  109. giant clock? yes please.

  110. This would be a great addition. Thank you.

  111. Why not…your not a youth pastor unless you love free stuff!

  112. Gotta get me the time!

  113. I need one of these!

  114. I’m looking at redoing our youth room (Needs it seriously, but lacking the funds…) and this would be so stinkin’ awesome. :P

  115. thanks for the opportunity for groups like us have something like this!!! love it!

  116. JUST IN TIME – doing a youth room remodel and this will go great!

  117. “we are going to need a bigger clock”

  118. Does the dollar bill come with the clock?

  119. I ramble and am long-winded… so I need this.

  120. This will save me so much time not having to remember what the big and little hands mean.

  121. Darn iPad keyboard. Smith is my name.

  122. Count me in.

  123. I could sure a clock!

  124. We need this to keep services from going tooooo long!

  125. a perfect addition to our worship center :)

  126. I want one!

  127. This would go great on the wall in the youth room:)

  128. You know what time it is! Time to bless our ministry with the clock!


  130. This would look great in our skate park!

  131. here’s hoping for a clock.

  132. Yes please!!!!!

  133. Finally, a clock that our new youth ministry can afford…lol Count me in Josh!

  134. Can it tell me when to pick my son up from school?

  135. I needs a clock so I stop teaching sooner lol

  136. We can never read our clock downstairs! This would be such a great addition to our youth room! Count us in!

  137. This totally beats our 8″ round roman numeral clock!

  138. Is this thing dodgeball proof? If so… count me in.

  139. Yes please.

  140. wow, a lot of people want a clock!

  141. Please??????

  142. I love the idea of the magnum clock!

  143. that thing is awesome

  144. #perfecttimeing

  145. Awesome, count me in! Would love this in our room.

  146. oohh finally parents won’t yell at me for not letting kids out on time. gonna strap this bad boy to my wrist.

  147. I’m thinkin of going Flavor Flav with that bad boy (if I get it).

  148. Oh please oh please, this would be wonderful. Currently the clock in our youth room is the display clock on a microwave from the 80s. Seriously. It’s like back to the future to keep all of us on time!

  149. This would look fantabulous in our youth room (or in our main worship area…hint hint). And I’m sure my students would like it if it helped me get done on time…or even early! Hook me up!

  150. Oh wow… we could really use that !

  151. Wow! We’re a church plant and have been hunting for something like that!!! Fingers crossed…

  152. Need one of those fo sho. Holla at me.

  153. FREE STUFF!! YES!!

  154. We just redid our youth room and could use a HUGE clock :)

  155. That’s awesome! My kids would never again accuse me of talking TOO long! Thanks to the company who donated it… even if I don’t “win”, I might just mosey over there and get one for our Youth Room!

  156. I don’t wear a watch and NEED a Huge Clock for our Youth Room!

  157. This would be awesome in our student center!

  158. Bradley Alexander September 13, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    May the Clock with you? Yes please!!

  159. My clock in my office died…so this would be great! Hmm…maybe it would be better in the youth room! Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. A huge clock for our Youth room would be so awesome!!

  161. My 8 month old son pooped on the clock in my office. It hasn’t been the same since!

  162. Count me in as well. Would love the clock.

  163. We don’t even have a regular clock in our youth room….. actually, we don’t have a youth room! But this would work great in my office and it’d be awesome to hook up in the church hall whenever we have youth nights. :) Thanks!

  164. oh oh oh, pick me, pick me!

  165. no no no…my kids NEED THAT CLOCK to keep me from talking too long !!

  166. please and thank you.

  167. We’ve been renovating our entire youth area (nursery thru senior high) and haven’t put up a single clock YET! This would be a great addition!!!

  168. Great clock! allowing for lights to be dimmed without fear of losing track of the time!

  169. Shoot, I am in. That would be an awesome addition to our youth building. The maybe I won’t talk for 50 minutes every sermon!

  170. Put me on the clock – I’m stretching and ready to run!

  171. Leaving a comment.

  172. Man, I’d love to have that clock…

  173. Yep, count me in!

  174. I’d love one of those camps for our ministry!! It could go from camp to camp with us!! Awesome!

  175. That’s just what I’m looking for!

  176. I definitely need this so I can stop using my cell phone!

  177. I want free stuff!

  178. Not only do I ALWAYS read the clock wrong, my eye sight is getting worse and worse… pick me, pick me!

  179. Our students are never on time for anything….and always blame me for lack of clock! Let’s see them complain after they see this clock after you pick me!

  180. Apparently I seriously need one because I go long all the time!

  181. Love it!!!

  182. I’ll take it!

  183. Just started at a new church and Let out way early because their clock was too hard too read. I would love one of these clocks!

  184. Please pick me! :)

  185. Ive never even heard of a Magnum clock until just now, but I’m pretty sure we now need one!

  186. magnum clocks are a new passion of mine.

  187. It’s not 12:35 but I’ll take the clock!

  188. That clock is BIG TIME!

  189. love your blog!!!!

  190. Wow, a clock that you can see and actually keeps the correct time!!!! That would be super for youth and our Wednesday night program which is ran in the same room. We could use it for the sanctuary but it would be for the organist and not the preacher. She would completely ignore it.

  191. I would love one for our room but I’m afraid that I’ll actually have to wrap up on time now. Yikes!

  192. Josh, please randomly pick me on purpose. We have been talking about one of these for a while and have not gotten one yet. Love the blog BTW!!!

  193. Love the clock!

  194. Love anything FREE!!!

  195. Random clock related pun…. (a lot are actually funny!)

  196. time is tickin’…yeah I know…
    Pewee Valley Presbyterian Youth Group!

  197. Cool, enter me in the drawing!

  198. That clock would be awesome in our room. I hate wearing watches, which is what I have to wear now on Sunday mornings!

  199. Looks great!

  200. Is that a .44 Magnum? The world’s deadliest clock? I know what you’re thinking, was that sermon 35 minutes or 45? The question is do you feel lucky punk?

  201. Heeeeeck yes! There’s a place on our wall that this would fit real nicely.

  202. Love it! It would look great in our youth room!

  203. Does this magnum clock come with a magnum alarm? It would be nice for something to wake up the kids after I’ve put them to sleep.

  204. Oh, must have. Perfect addition to the youth room.

  205. Anyone know what time it is? :)

  206. This is me commenting. I am too lazy to actually purchase one for myself. At the moment I’m speaking into the microphone so my computer can type for me. This clock would allow me to lay down and not reach for my watch or phone to determine the time. I’d only have to lean a little to see the magnum sized numbers on the wall.
    Please give this to me. Please.

  207. gotta love a clock that big! maybe i’ll go flava flav and turn it into a necklace

  208. I need that clock so i don’t preach too long.


  210. Eric Kelly McFarland September 13, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Something FREE = A good day in Youth Ministry.

  211. That would be awesome!

  212. Love wins!!!

  213. I would love to win a clock for our youth room. I have never really heard of a Magnum clock.

  214. We were just commenting about our need for one in our church at our staff meeting.

  215. Who couldn’t use a new clock?

  216. i’ll take one!

  217. Yay Digital! Boo Analog!

  218. my pastor told me the one time he listened to my youth sermon that I went to long. He preaches the same length of time so I am not totally sure what he was trying to say.

    I would love to have this for my future youth room!

  219. Only one thing could pull me away from the soft glow of the magnum clock in the youth room

  220. This would be the awesome final touch to our room we did last year for youth!

  221. Sweet clock! would love to have one!

  222. Hope I’m not too late!

  223. Who couldn’t use a huge clock! I’m in.

  224. Bring on the winning

  225. This is SWEET! We’d love it!

  226. I could use this :)

  227. That’s the one!

  228. I plan to wear it around my neck the first Wednesday night after I win!

  229. This would look really sweet next to the homemade analog clock we have hanging up in our class. Old and new…together forever.

  230. very cool! we would love this!

  231. I have been trying to find one of these for a long time, and I never could figure out exactly what it was called. Thanks for at least pointing the way!

  232. wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt it.

  233. I want one!!!!!

  234. Great idea.

  235. Wowza – that looks incredible. I’d put it in our church’s high school room. I always finish on time in the Middle School, but they almost always go 5-10 minutes over. It makes me look bad.

  236. We just redid our youth room and that clock would look great with the room.

  237. Sean O’Driscoll September 13, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Yeah… I definitely need this!

  238. that’s a lot of entries. but who doesn’t need a clock?

  239. Count me in. I might need two for the worship center just sayin…

  240. Natasha Tunnicliffe September 13, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    We just finished our new youth room. Why not a new clock?

  241. We have been talking about getting a new clock for the youth building for over a year now… I like this one!

  242. Me Please!

  243. I’m in. The church will freak out when this comes in the mail from the other side of the planet and they wonder how much of my budget I spent on a massive clock…

  244. That is a cool click! I’m nit sure if it’s mire useful for student or leaders?!?

  245. Dude I love it!!! Even if I don’t win, gonna try and get one!! Where’d you get it from?!

  246. I’ve been looking for one of these for a long time!

  247. We’d love to have that.

  248. No kidding was just looking at ordering a clock from Amazon not half as sweet off as that one for our new worship space for HSM.

  249. This would be great to have for the room!

  250. Would love to have a GIANT clock!

  251. Bring on the CLOCK!


  252. my pastor scolded me for going long on my sermon in “BIG CHURCH” a couple weekends ago, he sent out this long email to all the staff about it, and then he went even longer on his this past weekend…. this would make a great pastor appreciation gift. Just sayin….

  253. Gimmie!!

  254. that would be so awesome to have in our youth room!!

  255. I need a clock!

  256. We just remodeled our youth room and were talking this week about how we need a clock for it. This would be great!

  257. this is my comment…..cause clocks are cool

  258. Woo! I’m in.

  259. I really need a clock. *Insert a real heart touching story about my need for a clock here* Thank you Josh for picking me.

  260. I like turtles

  261. This clock would look great next to our flag football trophies in the youth room!

  262. I would love to constantly have a giant clock staring me in the face during my talks… and I bet my students would too!

  263. Pick me! Pick me!

  264. Awesome….This would look great in our new Youth House…..

  265. Yo! I gotta get down like this!

  266. This is sooooo cool! It looks so big I don’t have to worry about anyone falling asleep in my class any more. :)

  267. That’s AWESOME! I’d would love one!!

  268. our current clock is right twice a day where time stands still

  269. Hey, I’d love one of these! :)

  270. Barely had time to comment!

  271. I could definitely use this to hep manage our time…better than constantly checking our cell phones!

  272. Current clock is analog. Bad idea…

  273. What’s a magnum clock? Maybe I’ll get to find out soon! :D

  274. We could use this!

  275. Magnum me, please!

  276. Magnum clock?! Sounds dangerous…”that’s right Ice Man, I am dangerous”

  277. I should win because i sign up for all contest on your blog and have never won.

  278. My youth room has a clock jinx. We can’t seem to keep one working for any period of time.I need the MAGNUM strength to over come.

  279. We respect the time of our students (and parents) and value starting and ending on time. This would definitely help!

  280. We’d love a clock! Just last night, I realized we were without one in our youth room.

  281. Hope it’s not too late to put my name in for the clock!

  282. this clock could quite possibly change my life.

  283. Would love this…I confess that I now have DC Talk stuck in my head this afternoon.

  284. Save my students… give me the clock.

  285. It looks like a clock I could actually see from the front of the room!

  286. please replace the broken clock at the back of our room. it’s time.

  287. We have a serious clock issue. We’ve gone through 3 and they were all lame and terrible. We’d love a clock. Thanks

  288. IF ITS FREE ITS FOR ME!!!!!

  289. My mom was a total Magnum PI fan! I hear he set his ‘stach by this clock! I don’t really know what that means, though.

  290. Sweet! Thanks Josh!

  291. Yeah! Magnum clock!

  292. I am both random and like free stuff

  293. Great stuff!

  294. Would love this addition to our slowly being renovated youth room.

  295. I like the suggestion of putting it in the main worship center!

  296. I love the idea of putting it in your chapel for the pastor…except my father (who is a pastor) always made the same horrible joke, “You know what it means when a preacher looks at a clock? Absolutely nothing.”

  297. Odds not looking good . . . but its worth a shot.

  298. Oh awesome – we are building a new youth room right now! Our first ever..

  299. Awesome! Count me in!!

  300. This would be HUGE in our youth space. I’d love to have it!

  301. Im a little late to the party but it has been a busy week!

  302. We just remodeled our youth room and this would definitely be a welcomed addition!

  303. Shawn Michael Shoup September 19, 2011 at 3:45 pm

    This would be great in our youth room. Nice idea! ;D

  304. would love to have it in our new youth room here in south korea.

  305. I want my Youth to have TIME to ROCK around the CLOCK!

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