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GIVEAWAY: Gameshow – Score Keep

 —  January 24, 2011 — 47 Comments

Killer new product called Score Keep from the geniuses over at Digital Stache. Lots of potential youth ministry applications here:

Have you ever wanted to play a game with your youth group WITHOUT using your chalk board to keep score? Well, now you can! Score Keep lets you keep track of points in style. Choose your theme, name your game, name your teams, set a timer (if you want) and let the competition begin! Now, what to do with all that chalk you bought in bulk…

Dave and the team are giving away 3 copies of Gameshow: Score Keep to MTDB fans! All you have to do is leave a comment with an idea of when/where you would use it in your youth ministry context – I’ll pick a couple of the best ones and GIVE you the product for free. Enter now – I’ll give them away first thing in the morning.


Josh Griffin


47 responses to GIVEAWAY: Gameshow – Score Keep

  1. How many times my 6th grade guys tackle me versus how many times I go down. right now the score is 358 to ZERO.

  2. We play so many games at our retreats—and normally we just use a helpful volunteer to keep track of each side! Some of our favorite games are rabbits, rockets, and rats, jeopardy (whether it’s bible based, pop culture, etc.), who can get the cleaning tasks finished first (usually boys v. girls), and on and on! this would be so awesome!

  3. We have a bible bowl team that practices each Sunday afternoon for district, area and national competition. They do not have the fancy score keepers at practice like they do at real competitions. The bible bowl team is currently studying The Gospel of John.

  4. Holla! We do sex and dating series every year in February for 3 weeks kicking off after the Super Bowl with a running “Battle of the Sexes” competition and last year I hacked Apple Keynote into working as a scoreboard & timer up on the big screen right over the stage… but this looks a hundred times better.

    I totally want to use this year to make things so much more legit!

  5. Long range point tracking with our 5th and 6th grade students: boys v. girls

    or to keep track of who looks better every Sunday, me or intern Aaron ;)

  6. How many kids puke during our “That’s Disgusting” night! Twinkie Wiener Sandwiches anyone?

  7. I’ve needed something like this for years! Every year at Summer Camp we have competitions between the boys and the girls and I’m forever wrestling with PowerPoint open in 2 windows trying to keep the score live on the big screens! Please!

  8. This would help is in our new “shame-based” initiative, it would be a good way to keep track of demerits.
    Ok, not really… but it would be great for our Winter Retreat coming up, 3 churches together for the first time working to build some group identity.

  9. We play various ongoing games at our student programs all year long and this would be an amazing way to keep score and keep the whole room engaged as they can instantly know who’s ahead and cheer for their friends!

  10. How many marshmallows kids can put in their mouth for chubby bunny???

  11. At camp we do competitions between groups. They range from quizzes to Olympics to Syncronized Swimming in the pool. Keeping a weekly score that we could add to the intro part of worship digital would take us to an “11!”

  12. We would use this system for our annual couch races and more. But nothing would be cooler then our students seeinf their names and scores on the big screen.

  13. We host a huge event every year we call “Battle of the Youth Groups”! We invite all the surrounding youth groups to come to our church and we have all kinds of events that they compete against. The winner gets the BOTYG Trophy to keep for the year…. The idea is to get youth groups together and interact with each other…. We have Worship and a speaker to share the WORD… I think this tool would be perfect for this and other interactive games! Come on JOSH PICK ME PICK ME!!!! Please!!!!

  14. What do I need to keep track of?
    How many times my office is ransacked.
    Weekly games of hallway soccer and hallway football.
    I’m sure I could work it into dodgeball too.

  15. We have a youth conference in Columbia, SC each year. In order to keep the cost down for smaller churches that travel our youth group hosts other youth groups for the weekend. The result? 7 churches, 120+ students, 0 sleep, and lots of games to play to unite these new found friends.

    Also, we’re going to play “The Dating Game” a variation of “The Newlywed Game” in February during our “Best Sex Ever” series. The game will pair up couples within the youth group (or best friends) to see how well they actually know each other. The winning team… 3 movie tickets. Two for them and one for me. Just kidding, maybe. This could develop into a great prize/ministry opportunity.

  16. To keep a running tally of lock-ins we will avoid taking our students on….we all know nothing good can come up of throwing a bunch of teenagers already amped up on Monster and Skittles and then locked into our church…

  17. “Minute to win it”…because we all know they made that series for youth pastors.

  18. I’d use it at our Super bowl event. Lots of activities to keep everyone engaged!

  19. Michael Marchand January 24, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    Exactly! We had a lock-in last weekend and looked all over the web trying to find something like this–would love to have it for a retreat next weekend. Pick me, pick me!

  20. It would definitely have to be used as a way to keep a comparison of how many times our male students soil themselves compared to how many times our female students… and female leaders drop the OMG afterwards.

  21. I think we would use it to score different facebook profile pic styles. We would have categories for:
    “Mirror Shot”
    “Extended Arm Self-Portrait”
    “Mystery? (what is this)”
    …aaannddd… “Duck Face” (you know what I mean)

    The winning group would get a mosaic made of all our students who fit into that category (I daresay that “Duck Face” would win)

  22. Each year at our annual Christmas party we play Dirty Santa: Fear Factor style. This involves the students selecting pre-wrapped gifts that contain an assortment of nasty foods (this year included saraichi? sauce, pigs feet, canned sushi) which they must eat (in teams) for points. I’ve done this for 4 years, and I can tell you that my stomach is so turned midway through that every single year I lose track of the winning point tally and end up calling a tie. With this software, not only would the students be able to strategize seeing the points, but maybe, for once, we can declare who is the Dirtiest Santa!

  23. The first and best use for Gameshow Score Keep would be to keep track of how many times Josh Griffin verbally bests Doug on the their podcast. I have not yet played with the tracker however it will need to go into the thousands because that is how many up Josh would be on Doug. Simply True!

  24. This was made for eating competitions and games are a given – but here are 5 out of the box ideas

    1. Try and time your talk to end exactly when the countdown ends
    2. For the younger VBS crowd – who brought more visitors, guys or girls? You could really work the crowd by clicking up the numbers slowly, pause and then do a whole bunch and pause and…
    3. Keep a running tally of ideas that get accepted or shot down by your senior pastor during a staff meeting
    4. When teaching a passage and a certain word appears numerous times and you want to point it out for effect – well there you go.
    5. Tally up the number of minutes I spent trying to come up with a fifth idea that would knock your socks off – then I realized the counter wouldn’t go past 100… #fail

  25. Wow, this would be great! Right now we can only play until each team gets 5, unless my intern is keeping score, he is missing a finger on his right hand. This would be great to have all the time, but especially for this weekend, which is our winter retreat. We are having a running theme of minute to win it and team building games throughout the weekend. We usually keep score on the white board, which I know the students would never tamper with, and I keep track of time on my phone, while at the same time recording all the action. It would be great if we could make the game look more official, but up until this point fingers, white boards and phones are the best we can do.

  26. I would need this to keep track of all the spectacular baptisms I do. I can prove to the elders that I am worth keeping around, I can tally my baptisms compared to theirs. I’ll even show them that I can best John the baptist. This might just save my job!

  27. If I could get away with putting it up during the sermon, with the teams being called “courtesy laugh” and “how many sleepers.” If that doesn’t work we will just use it for normal youth group stuff.

  28. one thing youth workers are good at . . . making up the score!
    what an awesome ministry tool this would be to put us out of our comfort zone of doctoring the score to suit the need of keeping people interested in the final outcome of the game!
    obviously, we need this for personal/professional/spritual growth and not because it’s such a cool product.

  29. I’m thinking that there’s got to be a way to use it in a killer game of bingo.

  30. I agree with Spencer and the ‘Minute to Win It’ – our group is using the WATER games from that show to host a Water Challenge Fun Fair where folks will pay (minimally) for a chance to win a challenge, and we’ll donate the proceeds to the Water Project for their well-building missions. We’re also going to host a 30-hour Famine lock-in in February with plenty of games to keep kids’s minds off of their hunger. So many applications for this score-keeper! Great product. We’d love to give it a try!

  31. We have so many games that this would work for like the Who’s Line Is It games, stepping stones game, HSM Jeoperdy but I was thinking about how cool it would be to keep track of how many teens have given there lives to Christ. A sweet scoreboard on the front wall near the stage would be a pretty uplifting thing to see!

  32. Being a new Youth Minister with a smaller youth group, no funds and a white board that has been doodled on with permanent marker (but they are good drawing of Jesus)…. I’ll say I can use it in almost every game we do….

  33. honestly I don’t know what game I wouldn’t be able to use it on. Looks like Digital Stache has it down!

  34. We are always doing guys vs. girls game–this would come in very handy.

  35. We are starting a new Youth Ministry at our Church for the first time and our hope is to be able to give the winning group a Pizza party and new bibles for bringing the most youth to our youth nights. It would be wonderful if we had something like this to keep track of the winning teams at the end of the month.

  36. I would use these at our entry-level event and possibly our retreats.

  37. This would be great for our crowd program on Sunday mornings. We are looking for better ways to engage our students and their friends – typical up front games aren’t working, but team competitions are a big hit with our group. We purchase the Wheel Spin for first-time guests to play and this would help up the energy for our team games!!

  38. We do three retreat a year and a yearly camp and we would use this at all of these. We also do minute to win it games during our weekly meeting.

  39. What? Is there anything more than dodgeball?

  40. So I’m the minister at a small church about 30 on a Sunday. We work with almost 200 children and Youth in our ministries though. I promise this is leading up to something. We use our auditorium as a multi function space and the only board is the prayer board. So 4 tmes every week I take a photo of our prayer board, erase all the details to use it as a score board then rewrite them all. With this I could use the projector and save myself over an hour every week. Go on help me out :)

  41. I would use it as the game guy every week to keep our score or to pick a game. This would me huge blessing we don’t have any money for anything else. So I would use it to make our youth group easier and look better.

  42. I would use to keep score between how many times I have to tell the girls their shorts are too short compared to telling the guys to pull their pants up. On a typical week that score board would be lit up!

  43. Well we always love to do games in our Youth ministry and kids ministry, which I run media for both… But we love doing minute to win it, or boys against girls, so this app would be great! especially when used in conjunction with Spin That Wheel!

  44. We love to play a classic game of Playdoh Pictionary. We get in teams and sculpt various objects out of playdoh based around some sort of theme for the night. Our group loves it and we have made it as cool as possible in our setting.
    But with the addition of Gameshow, we could set timers, have scores and team names viewable on our screen rather than us just announcing it, and I firmly believe the students would find themselves even more lost in the germ filled putty game!

  45. Just picked the winners. Thanks everyone! JG

  46. This is exactly what our Youth Group Needs!! No more writing the score on a piece of paper (or keeping track by Memory LOL)… Now we could finally display it:)

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