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GIVEAWAY: Christmas Music For Days

 —  December 6, 2012 — 47 Comments

I love Christmas music – I can’t get enough of it! Well … I actually have a TON of it right now, thanks to EMI supplying me with a huge stack of holiday music for me to enjoy.

Want to get your own stack of Christmas tunes? Enter any comment on this blog post and at the end of the day a few lucky winners will have EMI send you a few Christmas CD’s for your own super pack of Christmas music – including the new Mandisa Christmas album:

  • TobyMac – Christmas in Diverse City
  • Davide Crowder Christmas – Oh For Joy
  • Chris Tomlin – Glory in the Highest
  • Hillsong – Born is the King
  • Matthew West – The Heart of Christmas
  • Josh Wilson – Noel
  • Kari Jobe – Where I Find You

They’ll pick a few other Christmas CDs of their choice and mail them to you in time to enjoy during the holidays. Want to win? Leave a comment now!


Josh Griffin


47 responses to GIVEAWAY: Christmas Music For Days

  1. I’m in!! I love The-Holiday-After-Thanksgiving holiday music! Merry Christmas!

  2. JG you’re the man. I like the idea of your VIP lounge for new guests. I can’t remember where I saw that but it sounds like an awesome idea.

  3. Chuck Hollandbeck December 6, 2012 at 5:34 am

    Sweet motherload! This music would be great to play at the Christmas Party for the church this year! Love it!

  4. Stephen Kelling December 6, 2012 at 5:50 am

    Christmas music is the best music of the year! Best Christmas album ever – Charlie Brown!

  5. The Hillsong CD is great!

  6. Always looking for new music, my students would love this stuff.

  7. Mother of pearl… I love some Christmas music.


  8. Yeah for Christmas Music!

  9. Christmas music fills the soul up just like Buddy “the elf” breakfast fills the stomach up.

  10. This would be a great addition to our current collection! I’ve requested the Mandisa CD at the library, but it will be after Christmas before I get it!

  11. I could go for some Christmas Music for our ministry!

  12. I need some Christmas CDs because i play christmas music on Pandora for our Christmas parties and such…then my students make fun of it when the commercials come on! #DesperateYouthPastor

  13. Can never get enough Christmas music!!! Looks like a great list!

  14. Josh Griffin – if you ever loved me, I’ll win this.

  15. Absolutely I am in it to win it. We have blown through our Christmas selection of music, including, but not limited to, VeggieTales singalong cd. I could use some help and variety.

  16. That sounds like an awesome stack of Christ celebrating tunes!

  17. Count me in! Thanks!

  18. I love Christmas music!

  19. Love Christmas music, too. Send some my way….please!

  20. Can never have too much Christmas music!

  21. Would love to have some Christmas music!

  22. I’m singing already!

  23. Yes! Really wanting the Hillsong album!

  24. You just give and give and give. It never stops! Maybe one day, I’ll be the recipient!

  25. I wanna win!

  26. Christmas music is like Pringles chips for my ears….. Once you pop the first song in, the fun don’t stop. (do they still even use that slogan anymore?


  28. Nothing like getting into the Christmas Spirit like the word FREE!

  29. Thanks for all you do! Yay for free stuff!!

  30. woohoo Christmas giveaway!

  31. Wow, that is very generous of EMI! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Id love to win this baby! My wife has been asking me for some new Christmas music this season! Help a brother out!

  33. Definitely count me in!

  34. Michael Van Gorp December 6, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    I love Christmas music. I’ve been wanting some new stuff.

  35. Great set of music!

  36. That would be the perfect wedding gift (happens on the 15th), great for the Christmas driving immediately following the honeymoon!

  37. I am in to Win, free is always great, well I guess it does depend on what’s free..

  38. Awesome.. would be great to have some new Christmas music to listen to.

  39. BAH HUMBUG!!!!!

  40. Yo! Hook a brother up with some Toby and Crowder (please, with sugar on top). Need some Christmas tunes :)

  41. I LOVE Christmas music. I could use some new tunes :D

  42. I would love to add any of these to my collection…which includes the Star Wars “Christmas in the Stars” album! ;-)

  43. I would LOVE some new Christmas music!!!!!

  44. Congrats to Chris and Phil – our two winners in the contest! I’ll work on another one with the new Chris Tomlin ablum now, too! JG

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