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GIVEAWAY: WorshipHouse Media Stuff

 —  May 1, 2012 — 49 Comments

We use WorshipHouse Media stuff regularly in HSM – most recently we used the “Your Light” video to end week 1 of our Brainwashed series. I think WorshipHouse Media is a great place to get church videos – I was talking to Luke over on their site last week and they offered up some prizes – so simply leave a comment and you could win! Do it!

  • Random Comment Grand Prize: DVD Bundle with Mini-Movies, Worship Backgrounds and WHM T-shirt worth over $100
  • Funny Comment, as chosen by me: $30 Promo Code to be used on any product(s) at WHM


WorshipHouse Media

Josh Griffin


49 responses to GIVEAWAY: WorshipHouse Media Stuff

  1. So do they do motion overhead printouts too? Because splashing water on our projector for cool effects gets costly.

  2. This looks like a great give-a-way. Just thought I would comment!

  3. I think my students would really appreciate some quality media, and it be nice not to have to rip videos of youtube to make that happen, lol!

  4. Since we discovered Worship House a few years back, we’ve purchase a LOT of resources. We dont have the time or skills to create the quality and diversity of content that is offered by these guys…so yeah, we are HUGE fans of Worship House. Cant thank them enough for bringing all this awesome content under one roof.

    And since I’m the first Josh to comment…I should win something. Right?

  5. So grateful for free resources.!

  6. Jon Homesley May 1, 2012 at 5:49 am

    I’m currently in staff meeting so all the funny has been sucked out of the room.

  7. Josh Robertson May 1, 2012 at 6:02 am

    Looks like a sweet giveaway!

  8. If you don’t pick this comment as the funniest I’m going to be forced to rip their videos from YouTube. That’s called “leading me into sin”. You want that on your conscience? Jesus drowns people for that stuff.

  9. Do they come on vhs?

  10. Living in Amish country, people in our church love Media – like bugs attracted to a light!

  11. Please don’t send me DVDs. I don’t have a slot for them on my iPad.

  12. I like WorshipHouse media as well. I regularly download the free resources they offer. Would love to have more of them. Until then, we will continue with the finger shadows from some of our sponsors behind the screen to make it look like cool motion backgrounds.

  13. Chris Jackson May 1, 2012 at 7:03 am

    I want this stuff like a junior higher wants pixi sticks, a girl friend, and acne cream.

  14. comment

  15. Would love to add this to the stash!

  16. For the price of one minute and forty second video I could buy a new release movie on blu-ray, take my wife and I on a date to the movies, or buy Top Gun ID’s and dog tags for Goose, Maverick AND Iceman [http://tinyurl.com/77vpwq6]. Let’s be honest if I don’t win this I can’t afford $20s for short movie clips.

  17. If I see one more thing with Papyrus font on our screen I’ll go nuts. Please help us!

  18. I have a belly button.

  19. [Insert funniest and winning comment here.]

  20. Tony Richmond May 1, 2012 at 9:32 am

    Needing something for Mother’s Day. This would be the perfect gift for my mom to show her my love and appreciation.

  21. Jon Homesley has to win the funniest comment award. Done.

  22. If you were a hotdog and starving to death, would you eat yourself?

  23. Josh great post, we have been using this stuff for years and it’s great. I want you to know that I took your advice on prayer so the senior pastor and I just prayed on it. Good news- Good prayer time & hopefully a chance to win, bad news- two big guys trying to lay on a iPad raises eyebrows for those walking by the office.

  24. Great site! Great giveaways!

  25. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

  26. Would love to win this prize!!

  27. In desperate need of some good stuff…please.

  28. Give it away TO ME please!!

  29. Love Worship House Media resources!

  30. Whose puppies did you steal from the supply pile in the Hunger Games video?

  31. I know one of these times I will win something from these Give aways!

  32. Hope I can grab this resource, always enjoy freebies

  33. Cooper Miller May 1, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    Each time I lose a morethandodgeball giveaway a bunny dies, you don’t want that on your conscience.

    In reality though it would be a great resource for our ministry. I would take 100% full advantage of it.

  34. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Hope its a random drawning.

  35. I like free stuff…even if that free stuff is worthless.

  36. These would be great…..I guess I’d have to find a computer with a working CD/DVD drive

  37. Is there a Laser Disc option? DVD’s are never going catch on.

  38. Free stuff? Count me in!

  39. I would love this prize pack!

  40. I love using stuff from WHM! Nice!

  41. Can I have the free reasources?

  42. I’m more excited about worshiphousemedia.com than a worship leader at a skinny jean sale!!!

  43. Andy Cockrell May 4, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Is it wrong to win a prize and then immediately try to sell it on craigslist?

  44. Great prize!

  45. Picking the winner right now – thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! JG

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