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Get Better At Sharing

 —  November 29, 2012 — 3 Comments

The beauty of being a part of a church staff is that you are working to make an impact as a team.  The messiness comes when you have to share.  Doesn’t matter how old you are, there are certain resources and relationships you refuse to share.  Maybe you have a hard time sharing when it comes to:

  • Space In Your Building
  • The Time In Your Schedule
  • A Volunteer In Your Ministry

While you don’t want to completely sacrifice everything you have, it’s important not to hold onto them with a tight grip.  It is important not to be walked all over when it comes to sharing your resources.  But, if you don’t work on sharing then you’ll struggle to grow as a team, because you’ll miss the importance of selflessness.

So, how do you get better at sharing?  It’s starts with:

STEP 1: Checking Your Heart

If you aren’t willing to give up your time or a resource you need to know where the displeasure comes from.  Sometimes your reluctance might be fueled by not wanting to be inconvenienced.  If this is the case you need to step out of your comfort zone and realize that it will be alright.  Cast out those demons of selfishness by being selfless.

STEP 2: Reviewing Your Stuff

The more you hoard the easier it is to become selfish.  How many resources are on your shelves?  Do you need every single dollar in your budget?  There are times when we need to look at our resources and answer the question, “Do I really need that?” If the answer is no, be a wise steward and share it with the coworker, volunteer or neighboring youth minister.

STEP 3 : Seeking Accountability

You might think you are the most selfless giver on staff, when you could be the great grand child of Ebenezer Scrooge.  Find someone who you can ask to hold you accountable in how you utilize your resources.  Let them tell you when they think you are being selfish.  Give them permission to call you out when you hoard up your junk and to give you praise when you do something right.  With accountability you can become a better steward.

Sharing isn’t easy.  If it was easy toddlers would be doing it and they really stink at it.  It takes practice, it takes examination of ones heart and it takes some accountability.  Plus sharing is an act of giving that creates a generous heart.  A generous heart not only helps others by getting them the resources they need, but it becomes contagious to the people around you.

How do you monitor your use of resources? Share your thoughts.

Chris Wesley @chrisrwesley




Chris Wesley


3 responses to Get Better At Sharing

  1. Hey Chris,

    As I write this comment, I am at a coffee shop instead of my church office. Why? Because our building is overrun with a giant MOPS group and a ton of their babies. I felt upset at first – THAT’S OUR SPACE, NOT THEIRS – because the noise was making it so hard to work, but when I checked myself, it hit me:

    I can’t let my own preferences stand in the way of someone else’s ministry. Thanks for this post.

    • That’s the worst. So easy to feel like we own the space, but alas we are stewards. Then again coffee shops are great offices. That’s where I do most of my blogging, and writing. I’m hoping I start earning loyalty points and score some free coffee. Hope you get your office space back soon.

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