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Genuine Christian Community in Action

 —  October 27, 2010 — 3 Comments

This weekend we had a student who had a lung collapse at school – he was rushed to the hospital and ended up staying the night for observation. They still haven’t figured out what is wrong, but it appears that he is at least out of the woods for now. Amir is relatively new to our student ministry – he really started attending faithfully since summer camp just a couple of months ago, and recently shared his story during the weekend services. So he’s essentially a fringe kid turned core in a matter of weeks. Love seeing that life change!

And now he’s in the hospital – and here’s what I loved to see unfold over the last couple of days. I saw prayers and love for him all over Facebook. I saw pictures of students visiting him in his hospital room. I saw pictures of his small group leader visiting him bedside. I heard about the phone calls of concern to his parents. I heard about people sneaking Chick-Fil-A into his room for a secret snack. I watched as his ministry leader (Amir serves on the sound board during weekend services) headed up to see him. One mom who took her son up to visit him even snapped this picture [I blurred it to hide some details since he’s still in the hospital] of the visitor sign-in-sheet, calling Amir “so popular.” Amir is popular …but more importantly he has found and is discovering what it means to be lovingly embraced by a genuine Christian community of other high school students.

I’ve heard pastors tell stories of when they didn’t need to make a hospital visit because an elder or small group leader had already been there. I just experienced it – and then some! I’m proud of our student leaders. Proud of our Life Group leaders. Proud of our ministry team leaders. Super, super cool.


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Genuine Christian Community in Action

  1. That’s awesome!

  2. My names on there!! So great the support that went out to our brother Amir. What love! :)

  3. I just experienced this as well. I was on vacation this past week about 8 hours away. One of my students who has only been attending about 4 months had a pretty serious family emergency. Since I couldn’t be by her side, who would go? Her two small group leaders that’s who! For the college aged leader it was her first “crisis” situation and she ministered with shining colors of God’s Love! All she knew was to hug, listen, and pray. That’s all that she needed to do! LOVE IT!

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