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Gay Teens and Youth Ministry

 —  October 22, 2010 — 5 Comments

We’ve been having some great discussions on our youth ministry team about homosexuality, the church, humor, stereotypes and what our students are seeing on TV and experiencing in real-life on this aspect of their sexuality. I think this is an extremely important video to watch and think about how it relates to the church and youth ministry, I’ll let you respond to it how you will. 2 million views in a week, some powerful stuff to think about.


Josh Griffin


5 responses to Gay Teens and Youth Ministry

  1. I don’t necessary agree with the gay and lesbian movement, but i do respect it. No one should go through ANY type of bullying, especially for their sexuality. They way i perceive it is, whether you are gay, lesbian, straight, crooked, whatever. you are the same, you are a person who deserves attention, love, and care from other people.
    in terms of youth ministry, love a person because God has died for our sins; and to be more christ-like.. simply the fact that he created them means that they’re significant-we’re all important. no reason to single out anyone.

  2. About a year ago, I listened to some teaching that Jeanne Mayo (www.youthleaderscoach.com) did — “Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Girl.” That changed my whole perspective on addressing homosexuality in teens. As it is a terribly vulnerable time of life for them, someone is going to “get” to them sooner or later, and I’d rather it be me as a loving youth minister than either bullies or activists at their schools. Jeanne helped to install a conviction in me about not using the word “gaaaay” as a description for dumb things, and a conviction about working to make my youth group a safe place for a gay teen to “come out.” We all struggle with temptations and sins in our lives — this one of homosexuality’s no different. Let’s support our gay teens and encourage them in Christ’s love. Encourage them about God’s plan for their lives. Encourage them that it’s not about heterosexuality or homosexuality, but about holy sexuality — and this applies to everyone.

  3. Bonni – is that message available online anywhere? I just did a quick search on Google and didn’t find anything from Jeanne :)

  4. You have good google-fu, Justin. :-) I had looked for a link, but found nothing … because I had the title wrong!

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