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Gamerscore Blows By 43,000

 —  December 31, 2010 — 4 Comments

Fun holiday gaming with the kids and the Kinect equaled a nice rise in Gamerscore this month, thanks in part to games like Kinectimals (A), Kinect Adventures (B) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (B+). A little holiday gaming with the kids. Fun!


Josh Griffin


4 responses to Gamerscore Blows By 43,000

  1. We got a kinect for our family for Christmas. I have been sore ever since.

  2. You play a lot of games. Do you buy them all, do you rent games often, or do you use gamefly? I enjoy playing, but my gamerscore is low because I do not have Live hardly ever buy games. Ultimately it doesn’t matter because its about fun, not gamerscore.

  3. It is all about the fun! I ask for games for Christmas/birthday, and beat games then trade them in for more. I also use my Amazon affiliate money to buy games on occasion, and my kids also each get games for their birthdays/whatever so it all helps build up a library of quite a few games.

    And have you tried Red Box? $2 games, if you have time to crank through them in one night, it’s awesome! JG

  4. I will have to check out the Redbox in town and see if they have games, that isn’t a bad deal. I often get games after they are way old and a better deal. The only problem with this is some of them never really come down in price. MW2 is still $50. Some of the games I enjoy have poor achievement systems. Like Lost Planet is a fun game, it took me several hours to beat. The fruit of my labor, 20 out of a 1000 points. Assassins Creed probably took me about the same time, and I have over 800 out of the 1000. I think the newer games have figured out better ways with the achievements. I don’t know why but it really does make it feel like you’ve done something cool.

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