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Email Signatures…. WWJD?

 —  April 26, 2012 — 36 Comments

I am not sure why this has come to the front of my mind this week, but I feel that we need to have a chat about it. We are all adults here, many of us work in Churches, send lots of email but I have to ask……

What’s up with the awkward email signatures? I mean, is there a rule I didn’t know about that we need to prosthelytize  one another over email.


Grace and Peace, 

Grace, Peace and Blessings

For Him

In Christ’s Service

For His Glory

In His Grip (Jon Acuff)

Your Eternal Dividends Are Assured 

By His stripes we are healed


Every time I get to the end of an email I panic and think, will I sound like a fool if I write this, am I less of a Pastor for not putting some sort of Christianese encouragement awkwardness in there?

What do you sign off your email with? What would you never sign off with? 

-GS  Twitter

Geoff Stewart


36 responses to Email Signatures…. WWJD?

  1. I sign off with “Warm Regards”

    • Brian – a friend of mine had an email off that started with Regards, Then Warm Regards, to WarMEST Regards, to Warments Most Sincere Regards and well it escalated from there. We just recently became friends again. j/k

  2. I sign off with “Pax Christi” with is The Peace of Christ

  3. Either “Thanks” or just my name.

  4. “-Blaine”


  5. One of the best pastors I know had a pretty dry sense of humor. He had a theory that most people didn’t know the Scripture references appended to email signatures, much less look them up if they didn’t. To prove his point, he’d frequently (in formal and informal emails) add “Song of Solomon 8:8″ to his signature.

    He never once got a response back. Point made.

    • If I were more willing to take the heat – I would throw in Deuteronomy 25:11-12. A friend of mine once claimed it as his life verse and everyone pretended to know what it was, they didn’t.

      Look it up!

    • This was the best thing I have read in a while! I couldn’t stop laughing! With my luck, I will get called out the FIRST TIME I try it……challenge accepted!

  6. My email signature contains my contact info… if I do use a Christianese closing regard it’s Be God’s…. but its used sparingly.

  7. I usually use a image signature of either student ministry logo or blog logo. Used to sign off with “In His Service” now Im just the jerk who quits typing words and sends.

  8. I don’t use anything just my name and contact info. I used to use “Be REAL” or “Live REAL” but not anymore

  9. Winning the Race, 2 Timothy 4:7….my favorite scripture…and I’m also a motorsports chaplain to boot.

  10. I always use the classic…

    Pastor Jesse

  11. You are less of a Pastor for not putting anything. Sorry.

    Grace and Peace

    • Doug – telling it like it is! I have to ask, does you sig change depending the tone of the email? If you are sending a pump you up, lets do this type email to your leaders to you change it. I have signed many an email with Grace and Peace but sometimes it changes the tone.

      I am loving this conversation – still haven’t heard enough bad ones though.

  12. I have used in His grip since I was about 21 so for the last 16 years. Honestly I think I may have first heard it from Mike Yaconelli. Plus I have my contact info but that is just me I guess it has become more commonplace then anything else.

  13. I use ‘God bless’ because I mean it, I do try and bless each person I email to. By the way, I (and everyone else reading this) did look up Songs of Songs 8:8 and the verse from Deuteronomium (hilarious – I’d like to see someone try and use those for real!), there have got to be worse verses than those to put in an email signature!

  14. I have struggled with this for quite a while. I don’t know what to do…

    God Bless,

    now I’ve become really lazy and end it with

    followed by my contact details

  15. Is “Love in Christ,” weird? I think just love, could give the wrong impression in a couple of situations..

    • Joel – I love telling people that they are loved – my favorite thing to encourage people with. Its used a lot, but not often with sincerity.

  16. Now I just use my name and contact info. I used to write:
    From God to you via me.

    Lamest ending ever.

  17. i was going through a “journey” stage once and signed off with “Don’t stop Believin.”

    But now i just use, Reaching This Generation.

  18. Kurt Johnston

    I think if everybody spent as much time telling people about Jesus as we do worrying about silly things like email signatures……Jesus Juke! (Jon Acuff)

  19. My computer default has “Shalom” and my contact info. On my phone, it defaults to “Sent from my Millennium Falcon.”

  20. Youth Pastor I knew used to put, “See you here, there or in the air!” which I always liked. Heard of a guy that used to put, “Desperate for Jesus” and that resonated with me, so I use that sometimes.

    • Reminds me of the Truman show – Good Morning and in case I don’t see you…. good afternoon, good evening and good night.

  21. The way to go is “Grace and Peace”… But without spaces or separated by periods. (and all lowercase)


  22. I use “In His Grip” — I picked it up from a fellow worker when I was with Youth For Christ. I just liked the way it sounded. I do not use it for everything.

  23. My email signature has got my name, the name of my church and the church website. Vanilla, yes, but isn’t that what everybody wants? If I ever become the person who has emoticons embedded in my emails, please shoot me.

  24. I’m stealing some of these to use … hilarious! JG

  25. It depends on whether it is a professional or personal e-mail.
    I generally use “Best regards” or “Joyfully His”

  26. try 2 Kings 2:24

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