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Guest Post: Dream Big, Stay Passionate, and Arise!

 —  March 24, 2012 — Leave a comment

To all of you who have dreams, listen up. To all of you who have passions, pay attention. Basically, if your lungs require air on a daily basis, this blog is for you. You need to check out a little book called Arise. It’s by Clayton and Ellen Kershaw. You may already know about Clayton if you follow baseball. He’s to the Dodgers what Tebow is to the Broncos. Clayton and Ellen grew up in Texas and became best friends in high school, and soon started dating. Ellen made a trip to Zambia, Africa when she was 18 to minister to the orphans. She didn’t think she had much to offer, so going was a stretch and a huge step out of her comfort zone. But Zambia and the orphans who live there changed her. Meanwhile, Clayton, who later became her husband was advancing his baseball career and became the youngest pitcher for the Los Angels Dodgers before long. With a little creativity and effort this couple made their passions collide in a unique and beautiful way.

Some of you have different things you’d like to do. Or maybe there’s no money in the one thing you most desperately want to do. Have you ever watched the Food Network? If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching the Food Network it’s this: Food is great. But food is even better when it’s combined. And sometimes the most unusual combinations turn out to be the best. For instance, everyone knows that peanut butter and jelly go great together on a sandwich. And pasta shells and cheese make for great macaroni. But have you had cheese with an apple? Or fried chicken with waffles? Or, what my wife made for some dinner guests a few weeks ago: pizza with bacon, slices of strawberry and balsamic vinaigrette. Yeah, that’s right, it was amazing!

Here’s the point. You might feel like you have conflicting passions. Or you’re feeling yourself being torn in a bunch of different directions. This college or that college? Should I be a cop or join the Marines? Should I be a butcher or a veterinarian? There are all sorts of choices out there, and you may not be satisfied with just one. Maybe reading Kershaw’s story will challenge you to combine your passions in a creative way. The good news is if you have a heart for God, you can take that passion with you anywhere you go. There are always people around to be fed the Gospel.

Take my wife and me for example. We want to adopt a child. I want to write books. Now, in this digital world, book writing is a little shaky and won’t provide income nor funding for our adoption unless I think creatively. So I started a blog to promote my stories and books so that when I do get published someday, I will already have an audience waiting for my book’s arrival. In the process I have the chance to share Christ through my blog! It just can’t get any better than that. The blog is band new, and it could fail. But part of the Christian faith is taking risks. You’ll be faced with a lot of risks in your life, especially in the next few years. The question is, will you take them as long as your desire is to bring glory to God?

The Kershaws took risks by trying out for baseball, and traveling to Africa. The Bible is full of stories of people who took risks. We need these stories to help fuel our drive and give us courage. So check out Arise. It’s a great read for those of you coming out of high school or college, but not yet knowing what exactly to do with your lives. It’s also great for the dreamer and especially the pray-er. And for you baseball buffs, you’ll certainly get a good look behind the scenes of the famed Dodger Stadium. Above all, it will challenge you to go out and make a difference in this world, even if you feel insignificant or unworthy. Remember, if you feel really small, then that means you’ve got all sorts of room to grow!

This Guest Post was written by Andrew Toy – You can follow his blog here. 


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