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What we Do versus What we Say

 —  March 20, 2012 — Leave a comment

Recently my 6 year old mentioned to me something that stopped me in my tracks. Now what she said is a deeply debated theological issue…which I don’t wish to debate here but rather point out what is being perceived by the girls in our lives.

First, I should say that our church allows for women in leadership roles. And while we don’t have many women pastors…we do have them. (I realize your church may be different…which is okay…that’s not the point of this blog.)

So, again…a student was hanging out with my family the other day and I was telling everyone that she wanted to be a pastor when she grew up…that she felt God calling her to be a pastor. At which point my daughter corrected me by telling me that “girls can be pastors.”

Why is this a big deal? Because at 6, my daughter had perceived something about who she is, about the church and about God. All of this in a church that is open to women in leadership. Unfortunately, even in a great church, what she has seen hasn’t matched what we say.

What we do is as important as what we say.  And this isn’t just about titles or roles. It’s about the body of Christ being made up of women and men who are gifted to serve in various ways. It’s about not only communicating that we all are given spiritual gifts it is about showcasing both the women and men who are gifted to serve with a wide range of gifts.

Young girls are watching and looking for their place in the Church…let’s be sure to show them that they belong and that God is calling them!

How can we communicate this with more than just our words?


Neely McQueen


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