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disney stars gone wild

 —  January 25, 2013 — 2 Comments

There is a movie coming out soon about 4 college girls and their wild spring break. Have you heard of the movie called Spring Breakers?


I was going to post the trailer but felt it was too raunchy. Sounds like a great movie, right?

There are a whole lot of problems with this movie but the one I want to rant about now is the marketing behind the actresses. 3 of the 4 girls in this movie are disney/abc family actresses. Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson are 3 young actresses that a lot of young teenage girls watch and admire. (Oh man, this rant could get crazy…if I just stopped on why these girls were admired by so many young ladies!) Despite this movie being rated R and having super inappropriate themes…and on and on. A movie which promotes violence, sexual promiscuity…and that’s just from the trailer. And even if we hope that the movie in the end tries to redeem those things it is probably unlikely that will happen. Our  young teenagers are going to be eager to see it because of their love for these young stars.

So, what can we do? (both on a basic level and a complex one)


1. Talk about it. We can’t ignore it and assume that our students are not being impacted by it. Open the dialogue. Allow students to voice their opinions while encouraging them towards a better way.

2. Educate parents. It’s our jobs to know what’s happening in the world of a teenager…and if your like me, you find it impossible to know all that happens. It’s hard to keep in the loop on everything. So, when you learn about something new out in the teen world..share it with parents. They’ll appreciate it.


3. Challenge them. Most of the girls in our lives are obsessed with celebrities because they are BORED with life. They probably wouldn’t admit it but I think sometimes we’ve made faith boring. Following Jesus should be a WILD ride…one that uses up your imagination and passion for all things good leaving one unable to be consumed with things that are not fulfilling. I am not saying they shouldn’t watch a show but the show shouldn’t be the highlight of their week. Challenge the girls in your life to be the generation of girls to change this world for Jesus…empower them to lead and speak.

What do you think? Will your girls be watching this movie?


Neely McQueen


2 responses to disney stars gone wild

  1. Holy Cow! I looked up the trailer and thought it was a joke! This movie is just insane. Good thoughts, Neely. We can’t ignore this movie, especially since three of the actresses have been a big part of pop culture for the generation we minister to. But man…that trailor has to be the trashiest, weirdest plot line ever…with the weirdest choices of actresses. I’m sure that they aren’t a coincidence ;)

  2. seriously I have not words – thanks for sharing

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