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Delegate Until It Stings

 —  August 3, 2012 — 3 Comments

Yesterday my friend Matt McGill was talking about delegation to volunteer youth leaders and said something that really stuck with me:  you need to delegate until it stings. Love it!

  • Delegate: when you could do it better
  • Delegate: when you know someone will fail and need coaching
  • Delegate: when it is easier to just do it yourself
  • Delegate: the little stuff
  • Delegate: the big stuff
  • Delegate: the things you’re not good at
  • Delegate: the things you’re the best at
  • Delegate: the things you love
  • Delegate: the things you hate
  • Delegate: something that will really challenge/develop the other person
  • Delegate: until it stings


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Delegate Until It Stings

  1. This summer is my first with an intern. It has been great and challenging depending on the day. The hardest thing has been delegating. For me it means letting go of the good things or the things I know I can do better. But it is for the best. While it has been a challenge it has also been good for both her and I.

  2. This post….ouch.

  3. When I was a youth pastor (100 teens) I delegated very little since I could do most of it better. Until after about a year I was laid up in the hospital from ulcers and stress. Then 100% got delgated and you know what – it went on without me.

    Every time I think it just wouldn’t be the same and I am so important I can’t allow others to grow and serve and minister and MUST do it myself, I stick my finger in a cup of water then pull it out and look at the hole I left.

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