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Couple New Features on MTDB

 —  January 4, 2011 — 3 Comments

Spent some time this week dropping in a few new features here on the site. Pretty excited about them!

I’m enjoying the conversation more and more here on the blog – with over 13,000 comments there’s a lot of talking going on, despite me posting like a madman and pushing them down before everyone can chime in. So today I added a “recent comments” box in the footer that will help you and I keep track of the most active conversations.

I’ve also added an “upcoming posts” bit of code way down on the right-hand sidebar that will give you a preview of posts that are written and in the hopper. It won’t include everything since I write most of it and instantly push “publish” … but I think it is neat. Basically, I’m teasing you to come back and/or subscribe. Cruel, right?

I realized the other day my contact form was down, so I dropped in a new one with Google Docs. Want to send me something? Now it should be no problem!

Anyone out there want to give me a WordPress template overhaul in exchange for me professing my love for your web skillz in front of 20,000 people? Just a thought, might be time for a change to something striking/clean. This custom template is so 2010.


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Couple New Features on MTDB

  1. I would HIGHLY recommend the Standard Theme… it is deliciously simple and runs like butter! http://standardtheme.com/

  2. @Terrin … I’ve looked at it a lot … love it …
    @Jeremy … I’ll be in touch tonight!


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