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Couch Road Trip Video

 —  February 25, 2008 — 3 Comments

Jake and I took the red couch on a little road trip to the conference. Enjoy!


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Couch Road Trip Video

  1. Hello Josh,
    I am Art Clendenin. My sister, Ruth Clendenin, just recently attended a National Youth Ministry conference where you were in charge of some of the sessions, and apparently you all had a good time. She sent me a report which included a link to your website. I watched each and every video intently, enjoying them thoroughly. However, when I got to this one about taking the couch on a road trip I was really intrigued. You see, myself and 3 other college buddies bid on a 1959 Ford Step Van that was being auctioned by the university. Well we won it with a high bid of $60.00 and paid cash to secure it. Anyway, we furnished this van with not one, but two couches and some other paraphenalia, and took it on several road trips. The only thing is, this was 28 years ago, so I did not have a computer, video, or other means to record our travel events other than a 35 mm camera. I would love to send you a photo or two if I could get your e-mail address. From that time until now, I would presume that not too many folks, if any, have ever taken their furniture on a road trip. I’d sure like to hear back from you on this.


  2. Hey Art,

    I read your posting to Josh with wonder, because I, too, once owned a 1959 Ford Step Van and it was awesome. Even more amazingly, in the past week I embarked on a web search to find a photo of that vehicle, and outside of finding a small photo of one that was recently sold, I’m out of luck. After reading your post, I’m not clear on whether you have a photo of the vehicle or not, but if so, could you please send it to me. It would be much appreciated! Thanks. email: quiqweig@aol.com

  3. Hey Art, you can email me at joshg@saddleback.net. Cool guys! JG

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