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Communicate How Your Boss Communicates

 —  June 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

Having some frustrations with your boss or supervisor? This won’t come as a shock for most youth workers that have been in it for any length of time – about the #1 complaint or challenge I hear from youth workers is difficulty with the senior pastor or supervisor. So how can you help make progress in this relationship? Hopefully these words will be helpful even if you’re working well with your boss:

1) Figure out when they typically communicate and be available
This may take some time, but figure out what tools they use to communicate. Determine what they value most – long conversations over email, passing conversations in the hallway, texting all of the time – there is no wrong answer here, just try to figure them out!

2) Respond quickly as much as possible
Add your boss/supervisor to your VIP list on your iPhone or your “coworkers” tab in Outlook so their emails always get priority and a special callout in your inbox. Respond thoughtfully but as quickly as possible.

3) Use the method they prefer
It doesn’t matter if you’re a texting guy or someone who loves Facebook – use the method they prefer! If they are a phone person, become a phone person to them. If they love email, you love email. If they don’t have a Facebook – delete your … wait a minute – just don’t use Facebook or you’ll only hear back from them 2x a year.

Want to get some quick wins with your supervisor? Value what they value and communicate how they communicate.


Josh Griffin


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