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Caption This Photo and Win $100 from Simply Youth Ministry

 —  July 23, 2012 — 25 Comments

Want to score $100 from Simply Youth Ministry? All you have to do is leave a comment with a caption to this historic photo of HSM’s summer interns at an 80’s-themed ice skating event last week. Get on it – winner announced Friday!


Josh Griffin


25 responses to Caption This Photo and Win $100 from Simply Youth Ministry

  1. Yeah, the Jersey Shore peeps WISH they were as cool as us!

  2. “Don’t you know you’re beautiful…”

  3. And the 2012 Teen Choice Award for “Choice Fashion Forward Attire” goes to…

  4. “Love is a Battlefield”

  5. Today’s young people are so relevant!

  6. “Josh, you promised you’d wear your parachute pants! No, we don’t believe that Doug Fields still has them.”

  7. Josh Griffin punishes his interns with an 80s night in efforts to heal the pain of his Homeschool Co-op not having a prom.

  8. Good to see that New Kids On The Block added Debbie Gibson and Tiffany to the mix. Should be a tour for the ages. They got the right stuff!

  9. I don’t get over half these jokes…..I was born in ’88

  10. I didn’t know the cast of Saved By the Bell had a reunion. No one invited me.

    I was wondering where all of my clothes went to.

    So I wasn’t the only one whose washer broke on them.

  11. Are we late for The Breakfast Club?

  12. Saved By The Bell …. The Funky Fresh Remix!

  13. Val Kilmer wears orange slacks in, “Footloose 2:Toe Pick”

  14. “We’re down with the DC Talk! d-d-Down with the DC Talk!”

  15. Back to the Future (Church Camp Style)

  16. “HSM: Nothing like your parents’ youth group!…Wait…oh crap!”

  17. “have you seen my brick phone?”

  18. Larry Darnell July 24, 2012 at 8:27 am

    The scary part is these are your future youth pastors people!

  19. Everyone got the “Blue Steel” memo except the backwards hat, my clothes don’t coordinate at all guy on the right… but perhaps he’s just photo-bombing?

  20. 1) Let’s hear it for the boy!
    2) Brat Pack Jr!
    3) 17 Candles
    4) We tried out for the Cosby Show but didn’t make it for some reason.
    5) iCarly goes Retro
    5) Man, it sure feels like a full house when we are going through these growing pains. It’s like our family ties only stay connected if we are born with a silver spoon in our mouths and narrowly escape when we are saved by the bell.
    6) Who’s the boss will be right back. Stick around.

  21. from the girl in the back, “Look mom, I’m with the cool kids!!!!”

  22. The orange pants weren’t the embarrassing part for Jeff…the embarrassing part was letting the girls borrow his lipstick…

  23. The Past…….. It’s forgotten for a reason.

  24. “WWJD? THIS is what He would do!”

  25. Marc wins! I’ll announce it on the blog in a sec … everyone was hilarious! Love them …


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