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Book Review: Venti Jesus Please

 —  March 6, 2008 — 3 Comments

Just finished up the quick-read book from Greg Stier titled Venti Jesus Please. I really enjoyed his last book, Ministry Mutiny, a youth ministry fable for youth workers. I’m not really the target of this latest book – it’s designed to be a resource for students who are checking out Jesus. It once again takes the fable approach, basically following a conversation between a seeker, an atheist and a Christian student at Starbucks one night.

If I’m honest, I wasn’t super drawn into the conversation that the teens were having over coffee, but at the same time the book does take the time to hit on the questions our students are asking. Although I felt at times it was a bit cliche, we’re in the middle of our Dear God series and I’m noticing similar themes to what we’re teaching and what Greg has written. We’ve got a few copies of the book we’re going to give away to students who attend our entry-level weekend service for the first time and see how they work out as a possible tool for our ministry. Interested to see if our caffeinated seekers go for it. B-


Josh Griffin


3 responses to Book Review: Venti Jesus Please

  1. I actually reviewed this book as well; I kind of had simliar reactions. Thought it was cheesy at first, but it grew on me. : ) I know some teens that love it, so it hits its target well. My review is here: http://mattmcnutt.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/venti-jesus-please-book-review/

  2. I originally got a copy of this at the NYWC in ATL last fall, and read it on the plane coming home. Realizing the ‘target audience’ was students, I tested it out by giving it to one of my kids to get his take. He absolutely loved it and came back eager to make it into a ‘mini-movie’ to show our youth group. He also passed it off to a non-believing friend, and the firestorm began. I ordered more, and they began to quickly get snatched up and passed out. I ended up passing them out at the end of our recent Winter Retreat as a follow up resource to some non-believers, and the response I’ve received is quite positive. We’re still working on making it into a ‘mini-movie’, but the book has been accepted well by our students.

  3. I absolutely fell in love with the book. I think that as a teenager myself it has a lot a good information to normal questions that we get asked about our faith and sometimes to questions can be very tough to answer. I would personally recomend this book to anyone, any relgion.

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