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Away She Goes (Part 3)

 —  June 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

I think we would all stack hands on Part 1 and Part 2  - I would assume that most youth ministries communicate those truths on somewhat of a regular basis to the girls in their ministries.

This final truth is the one that makes my heart beat fast.

When a girl graduates from our ministry I hope she knows that there is a place for her in the church.

There is a place for her gifts and for her talents to be shared and used in the church. I am not talking about a title or about a job position, although I think both of those should be available to her. (But that’s for another blog!) Our girls must believe and understand that the church needs them. We need them to serve, to lead and to actively participate.

There is a place for the girl who is gifted in caring for outsiders.

There is a place for the girl who has been called by God to full time ministry.

There is a place for the girl who is gifted to lead children, teens and adults.

There is a place for the girl who is shaped to teach and inspire others with her words.

If we don’t provide them a place in the church- they will go outside the church to use those gifts. And frankly, we need them in the church. Not because the men aren’t stepping up BUT because the Body of Christ working and functioning as God intended requires both males and females.

I want every girl who comes and goes from our ministry to know that there is place for her in the church to be cared for and to serve.

We speak it.

We provides opportunities to serve that match each students unique gifts.

We showcase the stories of other women in the church.

We model it with a diverse team.

How do you communicate to your girls that they have a place in the church?



Neely McQueen


One response to Away She Goes (Part 3)

  1. I went to seminary. That’s one way I communicate to girls that they have a place in the church. There are many others. But going to seminary has had a huge impact.

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