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Away She Goes Again…Part 1

 —  May 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

This is a repost from last summer…but as we prepare to send off another senior class (a really great one!!!)- I’ve been thinking about my hopes for the girls in our ministries.

I was inspired by Josh’s blog about 24 thoughts for graduating seniors…so for the next 3 days I want to share three truths that I hope girls who graduate from our ministry know as they leave.

Away She Goes- Part 1

In my head the first thing she needs to know should be a simple thought but the more I think about it the more complex it gets. So excuse me as I flush this out…and forgive me if it appears to be more than just one truth.

Before a girl leaves our ministry I hope she knows God’s love. It seems simple, right? See, I want her to know the depth of God’s love for her but I don’t want it to stop there. I want her to understand that this is a radical love for her that is not dependent on her behavior or performance. This love isn’t limited to her and she is called to be a giver of God’s love. I want her to understand the depth of God’s radical love…the kind that impacts every element of a girl’s life…her self confidence, her calling, her future and every relationship. 

So, as each girl leaves are ministry, as they go…I hope they would know that they are loved by God, who is the creator of all things.

We never stop speaking it.

We never stop showing it.

We never stop providing moments to experience it.

How do you teach a girl about God’s love?


Neely McQueen


One response to Away She Goes Again…Part 1

  1. This is a great thought. We constantly talk about identity with our seniors. For our girls, I recently framed it this way: in terms of defining your value you can look around (the magazine rack, culture, etc.) or you can look up and listen to what God has already said and done. You’ll never be more desperately loved than you are in this moment in Christ.

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