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Asking for Pain

 —  February 29, 2012 — 1 Comment

There is a sad new trend happening on YouTube. Girls posting short videos of themselves asking others to comment on whether they are ugly or pretty.

The internet is not a safe or kind place. After watching a few of these videos- I find myself filled with loads of questions:

What is going on in a young girls life when she feels like putting herself out there – knowing that people will be cruel.

Where are the adults in their lives?

Why are people so mean?

And finally, how can the church care for these girls?

Neely McQueen


One response to Asking for Pain

  1. This is so, so sad to me too… We have a few girls that post these types of things on facebook. The only thing I can think is that it is a cry for attention, in any form. What I have noticed is that for some posts, there will be a slew of comments or responses affirming that the girl actually is beautiful and wonderful, “oh don’t say that about yourself!”, etc. I wonder if that is the response they are actually hoping for. I hope so. Still, it is so sad.

    I just do my best to pour positivity into their lives, from little comments like “that’s a cute shirt” or “your eye make up looks really cool today” to deeper conversations about them being beautiful women of God. I think a key is repetition and regularity in us saying those things and reinforcing that they are strong, beautiful, their own person, etc. It’s easy to think to follow up with a girl after seeing her post something negative about herself online, but what about the rest of the time? You know they are struggling with the same things even when they aren’t making it public.

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