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Are You a Volunteer?

 —  October 31, 2012 — 3 Comments

A few weeks ago our leadership team gathered in my tiny town home for ice cream sundaes, talking, praying and planning the next few months. Whenever we meet I always make a point to thank them for giving up so much of their personal time to serve the Kingdom by loving students. Our team members on average serve 6 hours per week on top of full time jobs and or university.  I am humbled by the commitment of my volunteers, as they give up hundreds of hours a year.

One thing that new members of our volunteer team find surprising is that all the paid staff in the youth department are all volunteers as well. We work during the day and at 5pm on our youth night we become volunteers. When they ask why, my answer is simple: How could I ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself?

It seems obvious to me that we would serve alongside our leaders and give as much or more as they do, modelling a servant-like attitude. I recognize for some it is not that easy due to multiple services or multi-event weeks, but at a minimum should we not serve as a volunteer for the same amount of hours as an average volunteer in our ministry?

Maybe you coach a team or serve somewhere else but I have to ask, shouldn’t we be volunteers too?

Geoff – (Twitter)

Geoff Stewart


3 responses to Are You a Volunteer?

  1. The sense of leading by doing is awesome… What a great opportunity to minister alongside the volunteer team! Great thought!

  2. I can see you have worked “outside” the ministry. So many people work a 40-50 hour week and still make time to volunteer. Balance is the key though right?

  3. I love this post – this is something I keep in mine through the whole life of the Church. It’s what inspires me to help out with missions projects, food drives, the children’s ministry, or anything else going on. If we expect others to work 40 hours/week at their job then volunteer with us, we should do the exact same thing. Very well said Geoff!

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