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Aim Higher

 —  October 22, 2012 — 1 Comment

(Photo from Postsecret)

Fifteen years ago I was on a mission trip with a group of students- I noticed a group of both boys and girls huddled in the back of the van looking at something. I was slightly surprised to find them checking out a COSMO magazine and reading an article about how to really please your man. I realized in that moment that girls are talking and learning more about sex than I had realized. When I saw this postsecret – it only confirmed my thoughts.

So what do we do?

I think we need to AIM HIGHER.

I think we high five ourselves when we get students to make a pledge to purity. But do our students know really what we are asking of them? Because surely we want more for them than just maintaining their virginity. (Believe me – maintaining virginity is a good thing but is it the only goal?)

I want my girls to know that purity is about our heart, minds and bodies.

I want my girls to know that kind of purity needs to be maintained as a single person or a married person.

And as a leader I need to talk about purity in honest and blunt way.

And as a leader I need to know that each girl is created differently and each girl will feel the pressure of purity different. I must be willing to encouraged and exhort.

Purity matters and we must aim higher.

How do you talk about purity with the girls in your life?

Neely McQueen


One response to Aim Higher

  1. My daughter is six and we talk about purity on an age appropriate level now. We have been talking about it since she was able to talk. I don’t think there is an early enough age to start this conversation since the root of it is heart condition with the Lord. She needs to know that her heart, mind, and body are connected to modesty and purity, and completely rooted in the Lord. Where I go from here, I am not entirely sure. I know that at six, she already has a great idea of what is modest, pleasing to God, and wholesome for her and her relationship with the Jesus–whether or not she knows why doesnt matter yet. As she grows, I will continue to add to her knowledge age appropriately. That said, I do aspire to aim higher than purity (as daunting as that seems). And, I love that you said purity matters to the single person and the married person. This is huge because it directly speaks to purity being a lifelong aspiration and based on a relationship with Christ. Thanks, Neely.

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