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A Summer Letter To Students

 —  July 12, 2012 — 4 Comments

I can’t believe we are only 8 weeks from September, and that means my attention is fully on Summer and September at the same time and thinking about the fall has me asking a lot of questions. Yesterday I met with two of our core students who are truly invested in our group and talked cadidly about how we have not done a good enough job of challenging students to serve regularly. Sure we give them chances here and there, but creating a greater student ownership at our weekly program has been lacking. We have half heartedly suggested from the platform that serving was important but this year we are taking a much more proactive and thoughtful approach. We chatted, I repented for doing a poor job, and we came up with a strategy.

That strategy went into place this morning when we began the process of emailing / messaging every regular attending student personally and asking them to take a few weeks and pray about how they could serve in the fall. Here is an example of a message that went out:

Hey Madi, hope you’re having a great summer!

We’re already starting to dream about the fall and are praying about what the next season at Journey is going to look like. I look at you and I see a really gifted young person, and I’d love to give you the opportunity to take on a bigger role at Journey. 

Over the next three weeks can you do me a favor and pray about these two questions?

1- What talents and passions has God given me (Madi)?
2 – How could I use them to serve at Journey/ Peace Portal?

To get your mind going, here’s a few places we have a need:

Hosting/ Welcome team
Prayer team
Worship Team
Tech team
Creative team

Blessed to have you a part of Journey!

Pastor Geoff 

I am pumped to see what putting even more of the ministry in the hands of our students could look like and are praying that this is the beginning of new things. We have the feeling of “Home” as a core value of the group and having students bought into that vision and serving accordingly could be a game changer. Praying for BIG THINGS this year.


Geoff Stewart


4 responses to A Summer Letter To Students

  1. Just curious,
    Jeff do you have a Student Leadership Team and you add this letter to the whole group on top of this?

  2. Sorry for the name misspell….

    Geoff (my bad)

    • Geoff Stewart July 12, 2012 at 9:57 am

      haha – story of my life!

      We have a student leadership team. Sort of….. It is being refined as we speak. But often students on it were the most out going, most excitable and many with a heart to serve were overlooked. That is why we are taking this approach. Nick what have you tried?

  3. Well actually nothing. Haha which is why I am asking

    I have been in ministry for the past 5 years but the location I as a part time youth minister really didn’t have a functioning Student Leadership Team. So recently I left that church and I am not “The guy” I have been praying about this concept of Students Leading. I am somewhere in the middle of getting a lot of people involved and then having a core leadership group but the problems I am running into is how to organize it. So I have exactly done it in the past and I am really kind of coming up with it as I go.

    Any Tips? haha

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