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99 Days Until Graduation: Gift Suggestions for Seniors

 —  March 14, 2012 — 5 Comments

People this time of year often ask for suggestions for graduating senior gifts. I lean toward a great book by default – early in youth ministry we would give a really nice leather Bible to our seniors. That became a very meaningful tradition to seniors. It may be awesome if you could get a specific book for each person who is graduating your ministry. No matter what you decide to give them – make sure it is personal – write a note in the front cover, drop a note in the middle of the book with a Starbucks giftcard, tell them the story of why you chose this book for them. Here are a few suggestions that may be good for one or all of your seniors:

Case for Christ – help your graduates hold onto their faith after high school. Maybe even get this book now for everyone and do a 5-week study on it as they end their time in your youth ministry. Get them grounded in their faith.

99 Thoughts for College Age People – Chuck Bomar takes on 99 simple short thoughts to help a student transition from high school to college. Quick read, funny, nice little gift.

Make College Count – this is a new book this year that looks solid – college is a time where you develop into the person you will be for the rest of your life and Make College Count will help your students figure out that crucial time.

So most importantly … what would you suggest to give your seniors this year?


Josh Griffin


5 responses to 99 Days Until Graduation: Gift Suggestions for Seniors

  1. I got this from the book sticky faith, but it’s to late for this year seniors but when a student ends their semester as a junior give the parents a one year daily bible and have the parents write in it a prayer everyday for their senior. You could even have different people each month take it and write in prayers. So that when they graduate they have a daily prayer to look back on. Just an idea.

  2. I would check their bibles out and see if they could use an improvement on their “Adventure Bible for Boys” that may never see the light of day in their college dorm room. Might be time for a Mens bible.

  3. With our students, it has become a tradition that on their last service in youth, that I will read “Oh, the places you will go.” by Dr. Seuss. And then will give each graduation SR a copy of the book. It’s something that the students look forward to.

  4. We have been giving the Student’s Apologetics Study Bible (this year we will be doing what Sticky Faith recommended), as well as Interlinc’s CD and a jump drive from Walmart. Excited to check out the 99 thoughts book too.

  5. Rachel (Ramsey) Cruze and Jon Acuff have a great DVD & book set about handling money and college life in general. Great value from them at a low cost. Gave it to our students last year.

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