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5 More Things a Youth Worker Has to Do Every Day

 —  March 11, 2008 — 7 Comments

Based on the popularity of last week’s article on the same subject, I thought maybe there were a few more things youth workers should do every day. Here’s 5 more:

Connect with a Student
It would be a mistake to not connect with a student every day – I almost took it for granted that student ministry would have to include a student – but with all of the other connections going on and our drive for some professional-level youth ministry this base must be covered. Shoot a text message of encouragement to a student (or a few at once, they won’t know) or take the time to jot a hand-written note to a student who could use it. I like that one a lot because parents usually get the mail, and can a) read the full text of the postcard, too or b) know that an envelope addressed to their son/daughter from the church is worth noting.

Connect with a Parent
It would be a good move to connect with a parent every day. Unfortunately, we typically only connect with them when either they’ve screwed up, we’ve screwed up or their child has screwed up. How big of a deal would it be for you to pray for a particular family and then let them know you’re praying for them? Could make a huge difference, but few of us will ever know since we haven’t travelled very far down this road.

Connect with the Calendar
What needs to be marketed? What should be added? Do the events on the calendar match up with our philosophy? Is there adequate margin in the calendar? What could be handed off, what could be delegated? Is there a week or two of vacation on it? Let the calendar speak to other areas of your ministry, it will usually do a lot of talking.

Connect with Resources
Coming up with material each week is next to impossible, so take some time to Google the topic you’re looking for or spend time on trusted youth ministry resource websites to aid you in your ministry. You probably don’t have to reinvent the wheel every week. I’m sure some of the most effective resources are made by a local youth worker, but at the same time there’s plenty out there to at least help you get off to a good start.

Connect with Fun
Take a break! Watch a sitcom (please, The Office, come back soon), laugh out loud today. Bookmark Dave Barry’s blog. Check out my dad’s daily funny. Laugh with your kids – maybe play a game at dinner. Do something stupid. Get a tattoo (joke) – just make sure there’s a cross or a Jesus-fish in there somewhere. Let your hair down, it might be just the thing you need to get over the hurdle in sermon preparation or help you relax after dealing with a difficult situation.


Josh Griffin


7 responses to 5 More Things a Youth Worker Has to Do Every Day

  1. Don’t ya think….

    Honestly. I know Doug and his band of jealous (Jealous because they will never be as great as morethandodgeball.com) cohorts give you a hard time about this, but it really helps.

    I am a PT youth worker and in my present church coming up on 5 years and it took 3 to really feel like this is where I need to be. We don’t have a big group, but the kids we have are great and it took me a few years after coming from a group of 30+, to a group of maybe 10 to realize I have the ability to really get to know kids and to do relational and small group stuff right away.

    We have also partnered up with another mid to larger sized group to do things like trips and they host a Sunday Night Worship Service.


  2. thanks josh good stuff! gonna put this to work today!

  3. Josh,

    you are like a stinkin genius! Great stuff!! How often do we as youth ministers go a whole day without connecting with a student? How dumb is that?

    Thanks man

  4. what about connect with jesus?

  5. Awesome stuff. Thanks so much for putting this together.

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