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4 Ways to Fight Fatigue in Youth Ministry

 —  April 20, 2011 — 4 Comments

Was reading my friend Matt McGill’s blog earlier and he mentioned how he made a mistake because he was tired. We’ve all been there! Made me think of the ways youth workers need to fight fatigue in ministry. Here’s what I attempt to do:

Be refreshed by friends
Sometimes just the ticket you need is hanging with people (I supposed the opposite could be true for some personalities). Maybe there’s some friend who you could bounce your ideas and frustrations off of, or maybe there’s a friend outside of youth ministry that you could hang with and not even begin to approach talking shop. Either type of person you may need, make sure you carve out some time to spend with them.

Make the big decision that’s been draining you
Often times a game-changing or potentially painful decision sits right in front of you and robs you of your passion and energy. Make the call! You might be surprised at the freedom and renewed excitement you feel once you get that out of the way. If it is a tough conversation, pray about it and then have it. Tackle that energy-busting obstacle you’ve been putting off.

Do something fun
Youth ministry fatigue usually sets in when you aren’t getting enough rest or are all work and no play. So find an afternoon soon where you can get away for a few hours and relax.

Get away from it all
Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about feeling drained without just simple taking some time off. This week I’m nearly completely offline (any posts that you read on the blog have been set to post each day automatically) and spending time with the family. Fight fatigue with fun. Hit the beach. Go to Disneyland. Leave your laptop, turn off your phone and get away.

What do you do to fight fatigue?


Josh Griffin


4 responses to 4 Ways to Fight Fatigue in Youth Ministry

  1. Andy Lawrenson April 21, 2011 at 6:17 am

    Take time off and don’t open my e-mail or answer my phone and play with my kids.

  2. Sleeping, and more broadly just taking reasonable care of oneself.

    Sometimes fatigue is little more than being overly tired, and that’s generally a result of staying up too late (or getting up too early, which is basically the same thing) too frequently. Getting proper sleep makes a world of difference. Eating well and getting a bit of exercise doesn’t hurt things, either, of course.

  3. Sometimes its entirely possible to take a day and go somewhere isolated. When I can’t do that, I get up from my desk and take a few minutes to shoot hoops in the Life Center (our sanctuary/multi-purpose room). Taking even just a few minutes doing something active and fun gets me refreshed. Or I’ll drive up the road to Costco and get a huge (and cheap!) frozen yogurt or ice cream bar. Instant “Ahhhh…”!

  4. Thanks for the post Josh. Need to remind myself to get away from it all and unplug! Thanks for the reminder! I also enjoy working with my hands, whether painting, building something or even cooking, (no jokes please). I find it easier to “get away” from youth ministry thoughts when I am working on something like this… Sometimes it’s brain numbing, but sometimes that is what I need…

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