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4 Strategies Behind My Blog Philosophy

 —  January 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

Every once in a while someone asks me about strategies about blogging – to be honest I sort of made it up along the way but do have some pretty defined thoughts now having blogged nearly every day for 7 years. Thought I would take a moment and answer one of the more frequent ones: what is the strategy behind what you post, link to and point others toward? Here it is in what I would consider my as of yet unspoken 4 guiding principles:

Have content that is totally exclusive
People come to your blog for your voice – so give them what they want! The majority of the content and posts on your site should be from you and your ministry perspective. Stuff you’re learning, stuff you’re reading, stuff your failing at doing. Content from your context is the key – you want your site littered with content that you create people can’t get anywhere else.

Start a few blog “regulars”
I like to post a couple of regularly occurring volumes of posts that people can look forward to each week. I like to write about our weekend services with HSM’s Weekend in Review and posts polls weekly as well.

Point to stuff you wish you had written
Occasionally I’ll edit/paste an excerpt from a post that I read on another blog and point my readers that way. I try to do this a few times a week, it usually depends on the amount of content I have planned to go up on the site so that it feels balanced. My rule of thumb is that when something really resonates with me – it gets a nod on my blog so others can engage with that great content as well.

Endorse stuff you’re actually using in your ministryWrite reviews of products, tools and resource you are using in your ministry. Let other youth workers know what stuff is working and what isn’t. Help people that Google search for video curriculum know which ones they should choose, and which texting service is or isn’t worth the price of admission.

What’s your blog strategy?


Josh Griffin


One response to 4 Strategies Behind My Blog Philosophy

  1. Good thoughts on blogs. I unfortunately have not been able to get into the habit of consistently blogging. I have several times made written and non-written commitments to regularly start. My pattern thus far has been, if I read, experience, hear, etc something that really hits me, I write about it. And even with that it isn’t that often. These are practical points that can be applied to anyone. I will again try my hand! :) Thanks for the encouragement!!

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