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4 Reasons Why My Cell Phone is in the Glove Box

 —  March 21, 2012 — 5 Comments

This week I started something new – something honestly I’ve been meaning to do as a young dad and as a safe driver. This week when I’m driving, my phone is in the glove box. It isn’t something I feel totally comfortable doing yet, but I’m making it a priority from now on. I’m telling you, there’s both some incredible freedom and opportunity in this! Here’s why my phone is in the glove box:

To be more disconnected from the information hydrant
Life you – my phone is constantly buzzing. A Twitter here, a text there, a flood of emails – it doesn’t stop. Even when my phone doesn’t ring or vibrate, I sometimes instinctively check it to see if I missed anything! It’s kind of sad, to be honest. Living that way isn’t healthy, so disconnect yourself at least while you drive. You’ll be surprised how little you miss when you drive to the local high school or to your lunch appointment. A few less inputs will help your output, I promise you.

To be more focused on my kids
I drive my kids around quite a bit – to school each morning, to football practice in the afternoon and tons more throughout a given week. Putting my phone in my pocket isn’t enough! I’ll cheat a glance here and there, stopping great conversations while I place importance on what other people are broadcasting instead of what my own kids are saying.

To be more focused on the road
I’ll admit it – I text while driving – despite while being illegal here in California. Last week I was stopped at a light and absent-mindedly let my foot slip off the brake pedal. I just nudged the car in front of me with absolutely no damage, but I was also nudged to take care of this. I have a responsibility to the road and I’m not honoring our state law.

To be a good example
If a student asked me if I texted while driving this week – I would have no defense. It is a battle I haven’t chosen to fight – until now. I want to model what a safe driver and responsible law-abider looks like – if I sacrifice my integrity or cheat a little bit here, it will subtly encourage them to lve the same way – and usually in far more important matters than this.

Who’s with me?


Josh Griffin


5 responses to 4 Reasons Why My Cell Phone is in the Glove Box

  1. Jeremy Boswell March 22, 2012 at 7:48 am

    this is my next challenge. I’ve call it purposeful multitasking but I have a responsibility to everyone around me to just put the cell phone down! this might even be more challenging than fasting food! Thanks for bringing truth

  2. Read this this morning before heading to work, and when I got in my car I almost put my phone in my glovebox. Then I realized I have no kids and had a 30 minute drive, and Im too addicted to spotify. Definitely great advice though, particularly with texting while driving. Huge struggle of mine, and we as Youth Pastors need to set a better example. Thanks for the challenge!

  3. @Jeremy it is SO difficult to put it down!

  4. @Ben dude I get it – my Scion Xb has an iPod cable I DON’T use anymore, which is killing me. Hhahah


  5. We agree wholeheartedly. This applies to our family, teen drivers, and all drivers on the road. Is there anyway you can help us spread the word. We are trying to save lives, even one life. Please share our website link above. We are growing a team, many are children, to lead the charge. Enjoy the day,
    Jason S. Lipetz, MD

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