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4 Phases of Conference Lanyard Style

 —  September 27, 2012 — 6 Comments


SYMC is not too far off in the distance, and after a great few days at Group World HQ working out many of the details, I am positive this will be the best SYMC to date. With that said, youth workers from all over the world will converge on Indianapolis March 1-4th and each of them has an important decision to make: How do I wear or not wear my conference lanyard. There are four distinct phases to the evolution of lanyard style and they are as follows.

1 – The “Standard”: The most common form of lanyard style, with it worn as intended around the neck with your name in a place where people can read your name and greet you with it. Often covered in buttons and other flair, the standard position is helpful to everyone else at the conference.

2 – The “Awkward / Cool”: Bored with the standard position many people choose to place their lanyard near or below waist level which causes awkward gazes to the nether regions when greeting new people. This style makes it easy for you to know who has truly forgotten your name as they will be unable to look natural reading this strategically placed lanyard tag.  You might be tricked into thinking this is “cool” but its more uncomfortable than anything.

3 – The “I think People Know Me”: If you have been to the conference enough, you are tempted to think that people will recognize you and thus a lanyard might not be necessary, after all do they know who you are? right? Stage three is marked with an intentional concealing of the name card, but with lanyard strap in view so that if necessary you can reveal your credentials at the door if someone has possibly not been graced by your presence in the past.

4 – The “People Definitely Know Me”: Stage 4 is all in, no lanyard in sight or on your person. People know you, and when you walk through the door, no one asks questions. This is the riskiest of all the phases because if it backfires, its a long way back to your hotel room to get it.

I can’t wait to see you all in Indianapolis, I am a phase 1 guy, with my Canadian connect group pin for added flair. SYMC Stronger 2013 BE THERE!

-Geoff (Twitter)

Geoff Stewart


6 responses to 4 Phases of Conference Lanyard Style

  1. I am typically a hardcore #2 guy.

  2. Don’t forget the ever-popular “backwards” lanyard. Hanging down their back so the only way to know who that was is when he walks away. (These are the same frat-boys who wear their shades backwards, “Guy Fieri” style.)
    There’s also the “latch it to my backpack” phase, because hey– I’m a youth leader and that means I’m never without a backpack.
    And in honor of Jon Acuff’s talk last year, how about the “Deep V” phase, where the line of the lanyard strap actually goes along the edge of the V-neck? You hit that stride, and you’re onto something!

  3. I get stuck with #1, but that’s because I’m horrible with names. Usually when I attend a conference I try to look like my avatar, so I’ll wear a similar shirt, and walk around with that smile.

  4. I’m with Chris. I am stuck on #1. I’m just don’t like change…

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