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3 Youth Ministry Mission Trip Mistakes

 —  March 23, 2010 — 3 Comments

Loved the post over on Doug Franklin’s blog about common mistakes on a mission trip. Having just come off a great trip, I can totally these warnings spot on, and have experienced many of them in the past. Here’s a couple to get you started:

Three common mistakes I see most often by youth workers.

1. Prepare for logistics not spiritual outcomes
When were preparing to lead a group of students on a mission trip we can feel like all the details are overwhelming and so we focus on logistics. Do we have the forms, housing, work project and ministry set up? This focus is important but it’s not priority. We aren’t just taking students on a trip; we are preparing an opportunity for them to live out their faith in Christ. They need to understand what God’s word says about living a missional lifestyle and living out the power of Christ by serving the least in this world. If we fail to prepare them for this then the trip loses its potential and becomes an outing, nothing more.

2. Focus on trip site not heart
I know the pressure of making sure enough students sign-up for a trip and I know the pressure of having to get parents to believe where you’re going is safe. But are your students more excited about going to ________ (your site location of your trip) or serving the God who made them and has redeemed them? Honestly, have you talked more about the site and what they will see or about the heart they will need to serve those that have less than them?


Josh Griffin


3 responses to 3 Youth Ministry Mission Trip Mistakes

  1. Am I missing something… or way worse at math than I thought?

  2. Maybe the third mistake is forgetfulness…

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