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3 Cries and 3 Dreams

 —  February 28, 2011 — 7 Comments

Occasionally I’ll post a question or thought that I won’t answer in hopes that you will. Today is one of those days! Here you go:

  • What are your top 3 cries to God?
  • What are your top 3 dreams?

Very interested to hear what you have to say!


Josh Griffin


7 responses to 3 Cries and 3 Dreams

  1. really good questions. challenging to answer…

    cries: 1.God, grant me energy/endurance
    2. God, give me a softer heart
    3. God, work in D’s life (girl I worked with in my former ministry… just saw on FB she’s a pregnant high school senior)

    Dreams (i don’t dream enough!): 1. 4.0 in Seminary (give God my best!)
    2. to see all the kids in my youth group (about 15 students) “get it”
    3. to better love my wife and raise our son to be a godly man.

  2. 1. Heal Kate McRae
    2. Let my wife carry a child
    3. Keep me thirsty

    1. Lead a church
    2. Become someone who has the character, not just the ability, to shepherd a church
    3. Dunk a basketball

  3. 1.Keep the Discipleship Process going in our students
    2. Our students would make a difference
    3. God would do visibly amazing things in our church.

    1. Lose some weight (ok…ok…a lot of weight!)
    2. See a NASCAR race at every track
    3. See my son and daughter do incredible things for God

  4. Cries
    1. Break me
    2. Build me
    3. Make me new

    1. To be a great dad
    2. To see the world
    3. To be used by God to do things I couldn’t do on my own

  5. Wow, great question!

    My 3 cries:
    1 – to lead my family well as a husband and a dad
    2 – to see healing happen in the lives of my students
    3 – to break my heart daily with compassion for humanity

    My 3 dreams:
    1 – to see a room of teens fired up about God
    2 – to write a book
    3 – to see all 5 of my kids grow up loving God and glad that their dad is a pastor

    Thanks Josh!!

  6. Cries:
    1. be a lifelong youth pastor
    2. be steadfast in my faith, growing in my understanding of God.
    3. toilet paper the house of my pastor in every church i ever attend.

    1. Publish books on Pastoral Care in Youth Ministry
    2. Be a phenomenal youth pastor
    3. Run the Race as to win the prize.

  7. Cries:
    1. That my parents and siblings will know Jesus as Lord and Savior
    2. That God would move on this generation in a powerful way
    3. To run the race as Paul ran

    1. See God move and work through Christians with love and power (like apostles of Acts)
    2. Watch my kids know God more intimately than I could imagine
    3. To be debt free!!

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