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The Youth Group Autograph Wall

 —  October 14, 2011 — 3 Comments


This is an old school idea, but one I loved seeing making a return in our youth ministry. We’ve recently launched a VIP room where first-time visitors can come and hang out and meet a few friends and leaders as well as get a little snack or Coke. It has only been there a few weeks, and I just noticed they added an autograph wall – first-time students are encouraged to sign the wall to mark the moment.

Just love this simple and transferable idea – and how a student could come back in the future and remember where it all started. Fun!


Josh Griffin


3 responses to The Youth Group Autograph Wall

  1. Terrace Crawford October 14, 2011 at 6:20 am

    Did you also notice that yours truly signed that wall? ;)
    Now you can’t ever paint over it… ever.



  2. It is a great idea. We’ve done prayer walls in the past, but unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated youth room, and have had to use large rolls of butchers paper that is taped up for a while until someone else rips it down.
    Thanks for sharing



  3. I’ve added an entire wall to my office that is for this purpose. Plus, I like making notes and lists and adding quotes to it. The students love it!!

    I simply bought a can of ‘whiteboard paint’ for $39 and put it up!!

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