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10 Random Pop Culture Thoughts: Volume 2

 —  November 10, 2008 — 2 Comments

Random, unrelated stuff for fun today:

  • I’m really drawn to Live Your Life by T.I. and Rihanna. Not sure why.
  • Arrested Development on Hulu.com is a brilliant show if you missed it forever ago.
  • Obama’s team really ran an amazing web/viral/social networking/iPhone campaign. Love/hate aside, that was impressive.
  • Fringe is interesting, but I still really miss Lost.
  • I’m really, really missing my Xbox 360 this week. 3 words and a number: Gears of War 2.
  • Our family mini van crossed 100,000 miles this week. With this economy, I’m praying it can go another.
  • I practically haven’t bought a song since I discovered Pandora a couple of weeks ago.
  • Don’t ever mess with Nancy Reagan.
  • Someone told me they still play hockey?
  • I met the cast from Fanboys a year ago … the film is finally coming out this Spring. SO excited!


Josh Griffin


2 responses to 10 Random Pop Culture Thoughts: Volume 2

  1. Lost is back January 21st!

  2. Give hockey a shot and it’ll change your life. Go to a Ducks game and you’ll see. Hockey is meant to be seen live not on tv, but HD is okay.
    Hockey is the best sport hands down.

    Go Wild!

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