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WHAT!? 72 Weeks of LIVECollege For FREE!?

 —  August 26, 2013 — 27 Comments

LIVECollegeWell, it’s true…Simply Youth Ministry is giving away 72 weeks of the College LIVE curriculum for FREE.  Sheesh, that is amazing.  Before I say how this giveaway works, let me just briefly share a few things I love about this resource:

  1. It walks through books of the bible and gives your students a great understanding of the flow of each book.  
  2. Every teaching point in this curriculum points to God.  The goal here is to put the focus where it belongs.  In other words, as the content walks through the scriptures we learn about God’s reign (Kingdom), desires and intentions for our lives.
  3. It’s simple and clear, but there is a massive amount of content.  So, whether you use it for mentorship or as a small group resource, this can be a fantastic resource for teaching in larger contexts as well.  So those of you who do a large group gathering as well as small groups, you will be extra thankful!
  4. It’s written by people who work closely with college age people.  You will quickly notice how practical all this is for the issues college age people face on a daily basis.

If you’d like to take a closer look at this, you can get details as well as a free sample here.

Okay, so here is how the giveaway will work.  In the comment box below, tell me your craziest or favorite college ministry story this summer.  Winner will be announced on Wednesday.  It’s that simple.

Okay, go…..

Chuck Bomar

Chuck Bomar

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Chuck Bomar planted and is Lead Pastor of Colossae Church in Portland, Oregon and is founder of both CollegeLeader (www.CollegeLeader.org) and iampeople (www.iampeople.org). He is author of 8 books, including the highly anticipated releases of Better Off Without Jesus and Losing Your Religion. When he is not traveling the country speaking at conferences or consulting with church or denominational leaders, he is home with his family, the place he loves to be more than any other. Chuck and his wife, Barbara, have three beautiful daughters: Karis, Hope and Sayla.

27 responses to WHAT!? 72 Weeks of LIVECollege For FREE!?

  1. Kevin Patterson August 26, 2013 at 10:30 am

    My favorite story is at the end of the summer, our church has finally decided to pursue starting a college student ministry. I have supported the founding of this since I have taken over as youth pastor, our church loses students post youth group because there is nothing specifically for their age group and they don’t want to be lumped into th adult classes with 50 year olds. My persistence has finally paid off!

  2. Craziest story actually appended while I was in college (not sure if that counts or not). Played a game called ‘got couch’. Similar rules as a photo scavenger hunt, only in each picture the people of the team and the couch had to be visible. Hauled a couch into the entry of Walmart to get a picture with the Walmart McDonalds in the background!

  3. Took a group of college students to a concert series in Houston. Driver lost the key and went back to his “roots” to get us home. Yeah, he hotwired the bus and we were just a little late returning home.

  4. Craziest thing that has happened this Summer has been a young adult revival that started this summer after our youth retreat. We were believing God for growth and souls to come to the Lord. The growth and hunger has come in the form of young adults! The increase to our young adult ministry has been so huge that it’s beginning to spill over into meetings for prayer, discussing the Word and fellowship in houses, restaurants, etc… So now I’m trying to catch up to put together a coherent system that will allow for even greater growth! This College curriculum would be a Godsend for my Church, especially since it would help us provide content to our rapidly growing ministry!!

  5. I decided this summer to embark on more of a college age ministry focus! Most weeks include a bible study with some pretty great discussion, love seeing our young people tear up because they are open and honest with where they are at! We socialize at a local restuarant after our bible study and that can last a few hours even after a few hours of bible study and then we have taken a exciting trip to a provincial park near us and embarked on the Tree-top adventure park! A playground in the Trees! It’s pretty awesome. We did a full day of eating, climbing, devotional’s and mini-golf! Ultimate favorite time of the summer!

  6. My craziest story this summer has got to be our trip to Kentucky. Our group went to Kentucky this summer and we were able to do some awesome missions in the area that we were serving in and on top of that we saw 10 people come to faith in Christ on this trip.

    But of-course something else happened while we were there. I am 25 years old, and as most pastors are well aware, church insurance will not allow people to be covered until they are 25. Well as soon as I turned 25 I went and got my CDL license in order to be able to drive our church bus. So as we were getting on the trip I was lucky enough to have someone else going from our church that also had his CDL, so I did not have to drive a whole lot. However, that time did come. I was driving while we were dropping off people at different locations in a small neighborhood to pass out flyers to a block party that we were going to be having at the end of the week. While I was circling these (very tight) streets I decided to take a much sharper turn than the street allowed for a bus that size and the entire back end of the bus went sliding down into a ditch. I honestly thought that I was about to flip the bus, because of the sudden dip that the bus took. Luckily there was noone on the bus when this happened and I had enough momentum to just keep driving and I did not get the bus stuck. I was positive, though, that when I got out of the bus I was going to be missing a tire or something, but to my surprise the bus had ZERO damage to it. Talk about God looking out for me. I then decided to share my mistake with some of the students with me and they got a good kick out of it. I just had to tell someone about it. I couldn’t keep that one a secret. It was just too funny.

  7. Craziest story was that our church does a college night the first of the month. We open our recreation center from 9 to midnight. One month kids started arriving and I was greeting them and hanging out when someone ran up to me and said they need a towel to clean up the blood in the gym. I said what are you talking about and I ran to the gym. There laid one of our students and she had a meeting with the volleyball pole during an intense game and the pole won. Then our nursing students jumped into action and took care of her and then off to the hospital. After all this happened and 15 minutes passed another student looks at me and says are we going to keep playing or what!! Love college ministry!!

  8. My husband and I have been heading up the new CC ministry at our church for about 8 months now. A lot of these young adults are new Christians. It’s been a blessing to watch them grow spiritually and make new friendships as well. We don’t have a crazy story from this summer, but I will say that it’s great to see their hearts turning towards servanthood. We have taken on service projects where we do work days for older people we know. Last night we started planning on putting together a food/diaper basket for a young single mother who needs help–we don’t even know her. I love seeing their willingness to help–that’s one way to live out your salvation.

  9. I work for The Salvation Army in youth ministry.

    Sidenote: Yes, TSA is a church that meets on Sunday mornings in a chapel and has many ministry opportunities. We are not just a “thrift store” or “bell-ringers” at Christmas time. We do a lot of practical (and social) ministry out of our love for Christ and we are also a church.

    We have a community center gymnasium and many programs/ministries that run from that facility. There is an employee that has come to ALL the community programs that he could and now works here as a college student. He has recently been open to the idea of our Christian emphasis (sadly it took a very long time). We are rejoicing as he has completely turned his life around from living for the world to living for Christ. His fire is contagious and people love to be around him. He is getting involved in our other weekly ministries through the church. We have so many more like him and could use excellent resources like this to help us have specific college ministry.

    My crazy story is that of crazy salvation for a wild party boy (nicest guy you would ever meet). He is now asking about membership classes because he wants to proclaim that he BELONGS to Jesus and The Salvation Army. He has expressed interest in overseas mission work with TSA. THIS is crazy – Crazy Love!!

  10. Jonathan Greenhill August 26, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    My favorite story is that at the end of the summer I planned for us to have a bonfire at the end of our last Bible study. The problem was that the study ended at 6pm. So we had a bonfire, during the daylight hours, in August, in the south. On top of that the person who build the bonfire poured an entire bottle of Tiki torch fluid on it. It was so hot that we couldn’t get close enough to make the smores we were having. Definitely a “what was I thinking?” moment.

  11. My graduating youth-group members have been sticking around for Community college in numbers bigger than ever before. So-they aren’t going far for college. Many of them have been attending teen sunday school, just to stay connected, and because that is all we can currently offer with our base of volunteers. So, to remedy that, I have spent the summer connecting these college students with new service & leadership opportunities in the church. We don’t want to lose them, but we also don’t want to keep them in teen ministry or send them into the adult singles ministry. (I was there as a college student, it’s awkward and scary and NOT the right place for college teens!) Some of our college teens will be chaperoning Jr Hi events, some are assisting in Pre-K Sunday School, and others might just peer-lead a new Sunday School for college students! There’s nothing better than continued college growth in the lives of the students you worked so hard to grow in their H.S. years!

  12. As the youth pastor (7th-12th grade) I have fallen victim to the college ministry this summer. In the beginning of the summer, a fleeting moment of combined creativity, mischievousness, teamwork, elbow grease, and a lack of supervision resulted in a fantastic prank…

    The college group stole my leather couch out of my basement level office, carried it across campus, maneuvered it up the winding staircase behind our stage, and deposited my couch into the baptistry. The baptistry is elevated in the back wall in the center of our stage. It has been sitting there throughout the entire summer! I’m not sure what makes me laugh more:

    1) All the effort that went into moving a couch
    2) All the effort they’ve exhibited in avoiding having to return it
    3) Our baptistry has gone unused for several months :-(

    #couchprankwin #collegeministry #emptybaptistry

  13. One time we were doing a scavenger hunt that had us running across the city trying to find everything on our lists as we were scoring everyone was very close and two of our young women nearly got into a physical fight. They got over it after a couple of days.

  14. This summer we had a couple of our college students actively serving other people in ministry. One day one of them was mowing a yard with a riding mower. It had rained the day before so things were still a little damp, and for whatever reason this guy decided to where some Crocs. Well as he wrapped up the mowing and began to dismount the Crocs plus the slick metal surface caused him to slip. This student fell back on top of the lawn mower with no brace for impact, landing hard on his side and consequently breaking a rib. Got to love sacrificing for service.

  15. My craziest story is one that I always tell. We have two college age boys show up in the middle of our Camp Extreme for kids. This a 9 hour long free VBS, we do every summer for 1 week.
    These boys show up, and I put them to work. We just had some restaurant tables donated to us, they were greasy and grimy really need to be cleaned. I sent them to our Fire house, An old fire station that was built in 1921. So anyways they went about cleaning these items. I come out to check on them and Find one of them had kneed deep in the drain pipe, he had sludge and every thing you can imagine. I said what are you doing he said cleaning the drain pipe. He was standing about 1 inch away from a large pipe that goes to city sewer. I asked him to get he said we have to get this clean. This is so much fun, barefooted no shirt, did not look not even sure he still had his pants on. (lucky for me he was still inside the fire house). He jumps up, no pants. He picks up the bucket to dump the sludge outside, I said put your pants on. He said oh I have been doing this for about 30 minutes.

    About 50 feet from the fire house is one of the busiest interstates and another 30 feet to the east is a very busy 6 lane road through town. A 19 year old guy cleaning something he was not asked to clean great…fully clothed well that would have been perfect. He did get clothed. Mean while the other guy has his mp3 player going with his back to him never knowing what took place.

  16. Within my first week of “official” college ministry, I randomly ran into an old friend at a FroYo shop where he works. We had played baseball together for years, but he eventually went down a path filled with alcohol, drugs, etc. I had prayed for him and invited him to church frequently while friends in high school and we eventually lost touch (he moved away in an effort to escape those who cared for him IMO). I cannot begin to express the joy I felt when I saw him again and I am so thankful that I have a church that has ministry offerings just for people like him, who may have gotten lost along the way. He now has a place within the church that belongs to him and his peer group. We have since reengaged in relationship and I look forward to seeing his growth and most of all, I am glad to have an old friend back in my life!

  17. Diane Schwiger-Alexander August 26, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    We will be building on some of our traditions around graduation ministry and will now include our college kids throughout the school year. We will begin in September with new college student care packages from their church family. We will also begin emailing our church newsletter to all our college kids and build on our February Love Boxes with other care packages and devotion messages at other special and meaningful times throughout the year. We will also invite our college students to participate in small group activities when they are home for breaks and next summer to help build relationships with next year’s new graduates. It is all about keeping them in-touch with their church family and building relationships that pass distance and generational boundaries.

  18. Not so sure this is crazy, but I took a college group on a mission trip after the tornado’s hit Indiana to help with the clean up process. We had a night free so we went to a pool and played Greased Watermelon. Fantastic time had by all with a lot of laughs. That night in our bible study, one of our college students was trying to make a point and actually compared the parts of 1 Corinthians 3 to the game of greased watermelon. Not only was it funny, but really…it was uplifting. Nothing like comparing your future to Greased Watermelon!

  19. This summer I took a small group to Atlanta to minister to homeless there. This is not “crazy in the sense of laugh out loud” but in the sense of amazement. On the second and final day ministering on the streets we traveled around the “bluffs” . We had the opportunity to have a mini church service beside a burned out church in area where some would be afraid to go. There were testimonies of God’s faithfulness and healing, singing, some scripture and more testimonies! A member of our group texted their Mom – Life Changing!

  20. My crazy story is related to something amazing that took place this summer. I’m a student ministries Pastor for 5 years now and we have been believing God to do amazing stuff as it pertains to growing our College ministry. We have been faithfully believing God for a while to see lives being saved and revived and what’s been happening and since this retreat we’ve been growing like super fast not just in numbers but in passion for God. That’s CRAZY Awesome to me!

  21. Nishanth Thomas August 26, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    My most favorite story of college ministry in the summer was of a young man who was in prison for robbery and assault. While in prison, he took a deep look at his life and said, “God, if you are for real, then get me out of this prison.” The very next day he got released from prison by mistake, walked down the street and saw a street preacher saying, “Repent and accept Jesus and you will be saved.” He fell to the ground, repented and accepted Jesus as his personal savior just as the cops realized their mistake, and came chasing after him. He was put back in prison, but committed his life to Jesus. He is now in the process of being mentored in his faith to reach a new generation for Christ.

  22. During one of our young adult bible studies there were a couple of men making some noise. As I went out there to check what was happening. They were trying to break into some of the cars in the parking lot. I began walking toward them asking them what they were doing. They then began started swearing at me. They then came closer to me and one of the men got the other guy to eventually walk away. I stood where I was until I couldn’t see them anymore and then called the cops. It took the cops a half hour to find them. But I was a few feet away from a brawl during bible study.

  23. At the end of the school year/beginning of the summer, the students in our ministry planned, prepped, and executed one of the coolest outreach projects I’ve seen. We did a proxy station we called the “Jesus Loves Project.” We had a board on our main Quad at the University of Illinois that was 16’x4′ with big letters stating “Jesus Loves.” Students manned the booth asking people to write their own responses with a marker on the board. We ended up with close to 1,000 different answers that ran the gamut. It was amazing to see our campus engaged by the board (you can see a video at jesus-loves.org).

    I met a student at the board who said he was really interested in Jesus. We ended up talking later that week, I shared the Gospel, and he became a Christian. I was so thankful for our students and the work they did to make this young guy come to know Jesus.

    So awesome!

  24. My Craziest moment is last year My wife and I started our Young Adult ministry with one student. He invited one student, who invited one student, who invited one student.

    We grew from 0 college aged students to 8 in 6 months by one to one invites. Might not be a huge group, but I am so proud of everyone inviting someone.

  25. Aaron Sebastian August 27, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    My story for the summer has to do with the craziness of a trip we did. This trip consisted of traveling over 1,000mi round trip (crazy) – Going over three mountains in a church van (crazy) – Having a college student randomly jumping up and singing the YMCA while playing a game at midnight in our hotel (crazy) – Dealing with wild bears that could open doors at the conference that was on a mountain (crazy) – I saw Rick Lawrence’s clone in a mall on the trip to the conference (crazy) – I was at another location on the way to the conference and there was an old friend that I had not seen in over 16yrs standing 10ft away, but did not know it was him until later (crazy) – My lead pastor volunteered to go on the trip with us (crazy) – The work God did in our lives over the weekend (crazy good) – That I survived to tell you this and have the chance to win free curriculum (crazy!)

  26. Chuck Bomar

    Okay, well, there are SO MANY stories here that could be the winner. The bottom line is it’s impossible to decide which story is the best or which one stands out more than others or….you get the picture. So, it has been decided that the free 72 weeks of curriculum will go to….
    the first person that commented: Kevin Patterson!
    I hope this is an encouragement to you as you start this brand new ministry in your church!!!!

    Kevin, you will be contacted soon with all the details…

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