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Social Networking

 —  November 11, 2009 — 2 Comments

Ok, it’s not new news that social networking is a major deal – unless you have lived in a cave for the last 10 years. And, we’re not breaking new waters if we discuss how social networking and the church work together. Or, if they should at all.

But, it could be new to hear how others in college ministry are using social networking sites for their ministry. I’m sure most of us use it in the same general sense, but I wonder if there’s anything “newer” that you have found that works…? How has sites like Facebook or MySpace or Twitter or LinkdIn helped you stay connected to students that went away to college? Has it helped at all, or did you just initially think it was a good idea? How do you use it to communicate for events, random gatherings, or gathering people for the holidays? Anything new(er)?

In light of this discussion I saw this video with some stats on social networks. Now, stats can sometimes be deceiving and I don’t know where they get the stats for this video, but I think it’s very interesting – and probably not far from reality. After watching, please throw out your thoughts/experiences on the above questions so everyone can learn from your successes and “learning opportunities…”

2 responses to Social Networking

  1. I completely agree with this video. I do 80% of my ministry via social networking. I found that creating a web based ministry group page on FB worked best for me. I recently started with about 20 14-24 year olds in the group intended to provide relevant devos and a place to send me private messages to receive counsel or encouragement, and now I am up to just over 100. I continue to think of creative ways to use the web to reach students. In fact, I just had a 26 year old girl from Armenia join the group. She was looking for a place to receive mentoring so she went online!!

  2. I would also illustrate from another angle. As I reach out to university students in Cincinnati, I have this gnawing sense or fear that the degree to which I’m NOT utilizing social media effectively, I’m limiting my communication impact. I don’t believe that social media does the heavy lifting of discipling and transforming students, but it is certainly a phenomenal tool for connecting students and therefore positioning them more optimally to be discipled and disciple one another.

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