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3 Things Effective Spiritual Leaders Don't Do

 —  April 23, 2012 — 2 Comments

Leadership can be tricky.  And developing a formula is nearly impossible.  Everyone is wired differently and certain people can do things that work for them but are entirely awkward for others.  But to be an effective spiritual leader there are at least 3 things we cannot do.

(1) Put people’s gifting as higher priority than their character.  Spiritual leaders are concentrated and focused on developing Christ-like character before they are utilizing someone’s abilities/gifts in their ministry.

(2) Belittle others to make themselves feel better.  Spiritual leaders don’t look down on other people but instead serve them in humility, are heart broken over the areas they are failing and then seek to build them up with humility and grace.

(3) Have a Messiah complex.  Spiritual leaders don’t think they can do it all or fix everyone.  Instead they recognize where they are weak, bring others around them that are stronger than them in certain areas, and view themselves as a conduit that God sometimes uses.

2 responses to 3 Things Effective Spiritual Leaders Don't Do

  1. Thanks for the thoughts, I needed this today! Great reminders.

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